University of South Alabama PMHNP Students 2013-2015

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    This is for potential and currently accepted students to USA Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (FPNP) starting August 2013. Most of the forums are out dated, please post any information related to you application process, acceptance/ denial notifications, feedback, and recommendation for potential applicants.

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    USA Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (FPNP) has really spiked my interest because of the affordable tuition rates. I have not applied yet, I am starting a new job on Monday Feb 11,2013. I plan to have everything turned in by the end of February for the 2013 cycle. I have started the tedious "Centralized Application Service for Nursing Programs (NursingCAS)" process. Who has already been accepted?
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    Hi! I'm getting myself ready to apply! April 1st is the deadline. I just left my job as an HIV care management nurse, and I'm hoping to be able to get into the condensed plan of study. I can't afford to take off more than 18 months! Plus there is such extreme need in my area right now. We have 3 nursing schools here, so competition for RN jobs is fierce.... But there are currently 22 open fpmhnp positions in a 50 mile radius. Good luck to you! Let me know how that CAS went for you.
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    Hello Germjunkie,
    I love the name... Congrats on your willingness and motivation. At this point I won't make the April deadline since I am starting a new job March 18. I am considering FNP vs PMHNP, I am in San Antonio and the job market is pretty balanced I don't want to be stuck with limited opportunities. Heck by my new enrollment time I may have changed my mind. I can always get certified in psychiatric nursing.
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    I've applied for the Fall RN-MSN PMHNP class. Has anyone heard anything, yet? I hope I get in!!!!
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    Anyone heard anything yet? Any acceptance letter received?

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    I'm interested to hear how you guys do, after all the problems stated in the previous thread. Good luck!
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    I applied for the post-master family psych NP program for fall 2013....still waiting on the letter. Anyone else applied to this program? If so, how is it?
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    It looks like the letters have started going out at the end of May. I received my acceptance! Good luck to all that applied!

    (now CrazyPrePMHNP!)
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    CrazyPrePMHNP!Haha I love it. Congratulations to you, I'm so excited for you

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