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Anyone applied to and/or have heard from the University of South Alabama Psych NP for Masters or BSN-DNP online for Spring 2012? Anyone with experience with this program and would like to share info, network, etc. Please... Read More

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    Thanks Cass. I have not received a student ID number yet so I am still nervous. The wait is killing me. Ask them about the MSN program. They may be in a position to transition you over. Good luck to you as well.

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    I appreciate your comment. I NEED to know what to look forward to as I embark on my next journey. I will make certain to look at my work demands. Can you recommend any helpful books or texts I can use that might enhance my learning.
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    Finally received my acceptance letter from USA for the Fall 2012 BSN-DNP Psychiatric (Family) NP Track!

    Has anyone else heard anything? Looking forward to linking up with some future classmates..
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    Congrats nf0772!! I'm still waiting on my letter. I live quite a ways from AL though so it might not get here today . I applied for the same track as you.
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    Tiff, Nothing at will help you more than the required & recommended text in each class, except the APA book. You will need ONLY the format they tell you to buy & that exact edition. You will need to read it throughout. You'll even be tested on that book.I suggest NOT buying any APA formatting software or anything offering to put it in APA format for you. Many students have been burnt that way. Do your own work & know your book as 20% or more of each assignment can be lost off of simple APA mistakes. The first class may or may not be as forgiving, but you will see what I mean.#2 Find a clinical site now. Talk to a psychiatrist or Family NP about the possibility. You'll be surprised how quickly clinical time will arrival, & the paperwork/contracts is steep. #3 get your bills low & your work requirements lower (I now work only part-time after almost making a C in my class). BSN-DNP students can only make a maximum of 2-C's throughout the entire curriculum then you're put out. Some people made a C in their first class--such a long way to go still & that thought alone is scary. Post-Masters students can only make 1-C. I hope this helps! Congrats again!
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    I received my acceptance letter yesterday! I'll be in the Family Psychiatric NP BSN-DNP. I am also excited that we do not need to travel to campus for the orientation. From what I read, I believe it will be held online for Fall 2012. I would love to speak to any classmates!
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    Does anyone think this program is better than Drexel's program?
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    Exactly how long is this program?
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    And what were some of your stats for entry into this program?
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    Congrats CassB!I'll also be in the BSN-DNP track. From what I saw, the orientation is presented as a webinar.Will you be following the part-time or the full-time curriculum?

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