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Anyone applied to and/or have heard from the University of South Alabama Psych NP for Masters or BSN-DNP online for Spring 2012? Anyone with experience with this program and would like to share info, network, etc. Please... Read More

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    Both UCincinnati and U South Alabama distance program both make you find your own clinical placements. I considered switching to USA and the clinical thing was the same--but USA has a family psychiatric NP program, whereas UC is adult NP, adult CNS, or child CNS psych only. You cannot dual major either.
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    Are you currently going to either school? I too realized this about UC and USA. The psych NPs at my job have told me that Family psych NP is the way u want to go. Although I've been accepted already to UC for Jan 2012, I'm still awaiting to hear back from USA for the MSN and BSN-DNP. I'm really considering the family at USA if I get in, but I also feel like UC is going to be a good school.
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    Yippieee!!!! I got accepted to the BSN-DNP psychiatric nurse practitioner program beginning Spring 2012! Anyone else out there?!?
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    Congrats!!! Me too. BSN-DNP Adult NP with CV Subspecialty.
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    I also applied, Im waiting to hear something. Did you get a letter in the mail or email about your acceptance? Congratulations!
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    OMG, the wait is killing me!I too applied to the same program and same specialty!
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    My letter came in the mail on Thursday. Best wishes!!! Let us know if you get in.
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    Same here, my letter came last week (BSN-DNP ACNP with CV). I know the wait must be agonozing (it sure was for me!). Let us know what happens and if you got in!!!
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    Same here! Received a letter in the mail! :-)
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    i too got accepted into the bsn-dnp psych aprn program starting spring 2012. i got a letter in the mail. lildrekie, how nice! we're going to be classmates!!! let's link up somehow and get the ball rolling. it's going to be a marathon i guess...

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