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Hi, just thought I'd start a thread for University of Rochester's ABPNN Fall 2013 applicants...... Read More

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    Yes, that is my concern as well. My first choice is UIC and I don't hear back till April; may is when Marquette starts! I was wondering what the deadline to give tuition for the first semester is for Marquette (is it around April?).

    I want to be at UIC!!!!!

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    Does UIC offer an accelerated program as well? Why is that your top pick?
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    Wait, I want to make sure I am applying for the right program.
    University of Rochester School of Nursing

    After ABPNN we apply for AMPNN? I am confused. It says, "The AMPNN is designed to admit non-nurse baccalaureate graduates to BS and MS programs in nursing. Non-nurses earn a bachelor’s degree in a one-year generalist component (see the ABPNN program) and a master’s degree in a two-year advanced practice component. Students are accepted to a Nurse Practitioner (NP) specialty upon admission to the AMPNN program. Graduates are eligible for professional Registered Nurse (RN) licensing examinations and Nurse Practitioner licensure and national credentialing." (UR website)

    And yes, UIC has an accelerated program its called GEP
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    I think there's an option for continuing education into the AMPNN program. But the master's portion isn't accelerated. I'm not too certain.
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    I will call tomorrow to ask and get it cleared. Will keep you guys updated
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    Nermface, I wouldn't worry too much about your undergrad GPA. I think it's common to face challenges early on while transitioning from the academic expectations of high school to college. I've been told scores from junior and senior year are most important. In a way, it strengthens your application because it shows you were able to overcome conflict. Teaching English overseas is great! I didn't know Loyola was still accepting applications. I know it's considered a solid university, but I don't know much about their nursing program apart from the ranking listed on US News.

    Rainkissedleaves, I think there are two options - one is the accelerated bsn and the other is an accelerated bsn/msn. I spoke with someone from the school and was told that they very rarely admit non-nursing degree students into the AMPNN program. Successful applicants tend to be non-degree RN's or have experience working closely with nurses in the medical field. They strongly encourage students to apply to the ABPNN program and make a decision later on whether or not to pursue an advanced degree. I think priority may even be given to ABPNN alumni. Anyway, hope that helps. Please let us know what you find out!
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    Yeah I called and they said pretty much the same thing as almond.
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    I also spoke to admissions and they said the same thing about encouraging students to go through the ABPNN and get some work experience before going for the MSN.
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    I have applied for the fall 2013 cohort. I received a call to have a phone interview. Has anyone had their interview yet? How did it go? What questions did they ask? Thank you!
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    mcdonaldk, I was called for the phone interview, but pushed it back so I could drive up to be there. my interview is scheduled for the first of march. when is yours? I read that their interviews were very relaxed and welcoming...I'm not overly stressed about it anymore.

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