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Anyone applied to and/or have heard from the University of South Alabama Psych NP for Masters or BSN-DNP online for Spring 2012? Anyone with experience with this program and would like to share... Read More

  1. by   CassB
    I will be taking classes part-time. I plan on working I have a 6-month old at home too...what am I getting myself into? lol How about you, nf0772?
  2. by   jdanruck
    I will be in the part-time DNP/FNP. Excited to get started! I didn't know about the webinar. I get it, but it will be sad to not see anyone face to face.
  3. by   Starchaser23
    I was accepted to DNP program at UAB and USA for fall 2012 entry, any advices/thoughts on which school I should go for? There seems to be a lot of posts about USA but not UAB. Thanks
  4. by   jdanruck
    QUESTION: Has anyone seen the schedule for the BSN-DNP? It looks like we have the option (if you're FNP) to do the MSD subspecialty (which is a diabetes and metabolic syndrome specialty). I am personally excited about this because I want to work in as an endo when I get out, and I am currently going after my CDE cert. Is anyone else aware of this? Has anyone been through this program before?
  5. by   tiff3058
    I got accepted too except I will be in the post master's to FPMHNP DNP program and luckily the orientation is now online so that will save me a trip. I am registering for my clinical course this summer. As someone posted earlier, the paperwork is great. Trying to get my acceptance package completed this week for submission. Good luck to all and thanks for the helpful advice. Nurses supporting each other is SO critical .
  6. by   jdanruck
    Just got my acceptance packet in and an email stating I have it completed. I have yet to receive my email address, but it seems like everything is progressing quite well!
  7. by   nf0772
    Hey CassB!

    I'm also working little ones at the moment, though. I'm having trouble deciding between the full-time and the part-time track. I'm hesitant to pursue the full-time track...just don't want to bite off more than I can chew. Yet the idea of finishing up in 3 years is somewhat appealing. It's a tough decision =/

    Anyway...glad to see some more folks on here that were accepted into the program! Congrats to all!

    I have to agree with jdanruck...the webinar seems nice, but I still would have enjoyed meeting everyone face-to-face.

    Hopefully, we can all tackle this together. Look forward to hearing more from you all soon.
  8. by   y.roma
    Anyone applied to the master's program for psych at USA, starting in the Fall? Anxiously awaiting and curious to hear if anyone as heard a word either way...?
  9. by   cdoesc
    Applied for the same program. No word yet either way, this is driving ne crazy. I am hoping we hear this week.
  10. by   mwg60
    Best advice from those finishing the Psych NP program at USA: run as far away from it as you can and go somewhere else!
  11. by   mwg60
    Reasons for not doing NP psych program at USA are vast: unsupportive faculty, odd exams, use of a camera to watch you take exams (Secure can look it up online), lots of busy work assignments, difficulty finding placements for many students (although this could happen in other programs too), a generalized contempt for students.
  12. by   Simply Complicated
    Quote from mwg60
    Best advice from those finishing the Psych NP program at USA: run as far away from it as you can and go somewhere else!
    So it's still that bad? I'm trying to read up on this, I was thinking of applying for the Psych family NP. I live in NY, so I wanted SUNY Stony Brook, but as of right now it looks as if they only have a summer start. I really didn't want to start in June.

    I'm doing my BSN online now, and should be finished in April.
  13. by   Amtrak
    lildrekie! Thank you for your various post. You have given some great advise. I guess its been about a year now. How are you enjoying or not enjoying the program? I recently got accepted for the 2013 Spring! I'm so excited but also nervious. Any other advise? Any books you are willing to sell? Anyone else out there starting Psych NP Spring 2013?