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Anyone applied to and/or have heard from the University of South Alabama Psych NP for Masters or BSN-DNP online for Spring 2012? Anyone with experience with this program and would like to share... Read More

  1. by   ClusterB
    One more thing.....did you work during the core psych semesters? If so, how much? Did the rest of your class? I'm nervous about how all of that is going to play out. I am trying to set myself up for working less - if at all possible. Thank you for your time!
  2. by   lildrekie
    Yes I did. I worked fulltime. Lots of others did too. Your personal life will suffer. If you are able to incrementally decrease your time at the job, it will always help.. I changed to part time eventually (22 hrs/week) but only once clinicals began.
  3. by   HikingNinja
    Quote from lildrekie
    Yes I did. I worked fulltime. Lots of others did too. Your personal life will suffer. If you are able to incrementally decrease your time at the job, it will always help.. I changed to part time eventually (22 hrs/week) but only once clinicals began.
    Thanks again for all the information. USA is again looking like it might be a good fit for me because of it. Another quick question. Did you take your 3 P's there as a part of the program? If so was it ok or a real struggle while working full-time? USA told me I cannot take these courses as a nondegree student there so I am considering taking them elsewhere and transferring them in to lighten my load.
  4. by   lildrekie
    In the beginning, I was accepted to the University of Cincinnati's (UC) Adult Psych NP program & USA's BSN-DNP program. My UC admission was to begin in the Fall 2012 and finished before USA which I was admitted for the Spring 2013. At the time, UC was a MSN only and I was afraid to decline a DNP admission at USA, so I accepted both until I could decide who I would commit to. I began UC first in the Fall 2012 as a degree-seeking student and took patho-, pharm, & assessment. I also began USA that next semester and transferred my courses in with no problem. My situation was unique but it worked out for me.

    I was able to manage working full time through all of these courses but I'm a bit crazy--more crazy about my education than some others. I had a slight squabble or 2 with my supervisor for time off to attend USA's mandatory orientation and to do my Assessment course clinical hours. It was not easy. However, if you have an understanding Supervisor, it will work out better for you. I made sure my finances were okay before I started this venture. I saved every penny in case my grades suffered and I needed to resign from work. I like to plan ahead though and worked fulltime through the core courses, then part time and PRN through the rest. I resigned from my regular RN job the month I was set to graduate with my MSN.
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  5. by   ClusterB

    I currently am about to finish patho at USA. I work approximately 45 hours a week/5 days a week. I am in patho and a writing class. It is doable, but I literally give 98% of my off time to school. Patho is 7 tests every other Wednesday. That is it. No lecture, no case studies- just tests. Roughly 300 pages of book per test. The hardest thing about it is the tests only have 40 questions. The difference between a high B and a fail (below 80) is a mere three questions. The study guides I type are often 50+ pages. The questions are to the point though. There are no questions intentionally there to trick you. It is just a LOT OF Information. As long as you have the time to put into it (I average 4 hours each weeknight and about 22 on the weekend) you can do it. It's all about time in, at least for me anyway.
    Hope this helps.
  6. by   ClusterB
    I have a question for you if you do not mind. Were you allowed to
    Do clinicals in the evenings and weekends in the PMHNP program at USA??? What hours were you allowed to do them? I know that some students can and some cannot. What were you allowed to do?? Also- could the majority of the hours be with one psychiatrist? The doctor I want to do
    My clinical hours with goes to multiple facilities from children to geriatrics and everything in between. Plus he has a private practice. Is there a limit on preceptor provider hours? Thank you so much for your time. Have a great night.
  7. by   lildrekie
    Yes. Clinical time was allowed whenever you and your preceptor agreed that it would be. A preformulated schedule of your days and hours-to-be must be given to your clinical advisor so that surprise site visits can occur.

    USA clinicals requires 50% inpatient and 50% outpatient experiences with children and adults. A psych NP preceptor (with at least 1 year of experience) is required but you can have multiple Preceptors to include psychiatrist. I had 2-psych NPs and 1-psychiatrist preceptor. Finding at least one Psych NP preceptor was the toughest, but I thank God I was able to find 2. If you find a Family Psych NP who works in both inpatient and outpatient and sees both children and adults in his/her practice, then yes, you can have just 1-preceptor. But finding such thing is tough. I recommend multiple preceptors (1-must be a NP certified in Adult Psych, Child Psych, or Family Psych). There were some exceptions made for a few individuals who lived in rural areas or States with little or no NPs. But in general, some of your experience must come from at least 1-psych certified NP. 1-course will require a few (Assessment-type) hours with an FNP as well.
  8. by   ClusterB
    Thank you so much for your quick response. You are very informative and I appreciate it greatly. I will have to figure out where all the psych NPs are in lower alabama! I do not know of a single one. The psychiatrists I work with don't know any, with the exception of one who works in a prison in Florida. I wonder if a prison would be considered inpatient?

    Truly thank you so much. It is nice to read some encouraging words about this program for a change.
    Have a great evening.
  9. by   lildrekie
    That's no problem. To add a little more icing to the cake USA staff will provide every student starting clinicals an extensive list of NPs and Psychiatrists who volunteer to precept every year and/or who other students have used. The list is long, across several states, and has contact info. This list will include a full list of facilities and the person to contact from almost every state that prior students have secured clinical contracts at. I found both of my Psych NPs from that list. It helped a ton. Good luck to you.
  10. by   ClusterB
    Thank you so much!!! I smiled reading that. Good luck to you. You have been a lot of help. Have a great week.
  11. by   Solitaire.G
    I'm leaning pretty heavily now towards USA's program in psych np/dnp, now that I've read through this thread I'm not so sure
    Also wondering about UofHawaii @ Hilo's program, 3 years to DNP as well, but that's with FNP I think. Getting confused with all the online school options now
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  12. by   rajan2
    At least USA assist students with a list of preceptors in different states. Some students have had to sit out a semester or two because of a lack of preceptors. I am planning to apply to USA fall 2015 or Spring 2016 for fall admission 2016 to pursue PMHNP DNP/Educator.
  13. by   ICURN7
    Hi Rajan2,
    can you email me? I tried to email you but it says your mail box is full.. I have some specific questions i would like to ask. Thanks!