University of Rochester - ABPNN Fall 2013

  1. Hi, just thought I'd start a thread for University of Rochester's ABPNN Fall 2013 applicants...
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  3. by   rainkissedleaves
    There is a possibility that I may apply!
  4. by   AlmondB10
    rainkissedleaves - It's an excellent program! I'm currently living in the area and I've heard so many success stories. I notice you were also accepted at Marquette University. The problem I'm facing is over the admission decision timeline. Marquette starts in May and U of R told me they won't send acceptance letters until May.
  5. by   nermface
    Hey AlmondB10. I got a call today to schedule an interview. I'm immeasurably excited to even be considered! Good luck to you!
  6. by   nermface
    ps I just realized that they interview all applicants
  7. by   AlmondB10
    Nermface, I scheduled an interview today as well. Like you, I feel incredibly lucky to have made it to the next stage. I think I'm actually more excited than nervous for the interview at this point. All the best to you, too!
  8. by   AlmondB10
    really? boo. oh well, it's still a great opportunity
  9. by   nermface
    Almond- I've been reading the posts regarding UR's accelerated program, and I had found out through the grapevine that it was a part of the application process. If you don't mind my asking, what other programs did you apply to? What are your stats like? UR is such a great school and has a wonderful reputation. I'm between excited and fearful of what my outcome will look like!
  10. by   AlmondB10
    I wonder if admission decisions take so long because they interview every applicant. I suppose it shows they evaluate applicants holistically... Anyway, to answer your question - I have volunteer, work, and research experience. I have a good undergrad GPA and a great grad GPA. I'm a little concerned because my background is in psychology/education rather than science. I also applied to Marquette, Johns Hopkins, George Washington, and University of Wisconsin. What about you?
  11. by   nermface
    It seems that classes tend to grow larger and larger as each cohort goes, but I may be wrong about that.

    I have a pretty blemished academic past, but have improved in my prerequisite courses since I've graduated. I also have international experience (taught English overseas for almost five years). I hope they will look past my earlier years of schooling and see how much I've progressed. UR is my top choice. I've also applied to Kent State, Shenandoah, UMD (traditional bsn), and Cal State. I'm also considering applying to Loyola Chicago before the May deadline.
  12. by   rainkissedleaves
    Yes, that is my concern as well. My first choice is UIC and I don't hear back till April; may is when Marquette starts! I was wondering what the deadline to give tuition for the first semester is for Marquette (is it around April?).

    I want to be at UIC!!!!!
  13. by   nermface
    Does UIC offer an accelerated program as well? Why is that your top pick?
  14. by   rainkissedleaves
    Wait, I want to make sure I am applying for the right program.
    University of Rochester School of Nursing

    After ABPNN we apply for AMPNN? I am confused. It says, "The AMPNN is designed to admit non-nurse baccalaureate graduates to BS and MS programs in nursing. Non-nurses earn a bachelor’s degree in a one-year generalist component (see the ABPNN program) and a master’s degree in a two-year advanced practice component. Students are accepted to a Nurse Practitioner (NP) specialty upon admission to the AMPNN program. Graduates are eligible for professional Registered Nurse (RN) licensing examinations and Nurse Practitioner licensure and national credentialing." (UR website)

    And yes, UIC has an accelerated program its called GEP