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Hi, just thought I'd start a thread for University of Rochester's ABPNN Fall 2013 applicants...... Read More

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    My interview is friday afternoon. I hope it is relaxed!

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    mcdonaldk, please let us know how it went! I'm curious to know about the type of questions. and best of luck!!! where else have you applied?
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    I interviewed earlier this week. It was kind of like a job interview, but more laid back. It lasted 30 minutes or so. I think it went well. Also, I found out that they do not interview every applicant. Good luck everyone!
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    Oh, that's great!!! Good job! Happen to know when we should find out about acceptance/rejections? May, was it?
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    AlmondB10, if you don't mind...what kind of questions were you asked during the interview?
    Thank you!
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    Nermface - I did ask and she said decisions won't be released until mid to late May at the very earliest. Kind of a bummer.

    Mcdonalk - I'm not comfortable telling you what questions were asking during the interview - hope you understand. My suggestion is to prepare for a few traditional job interview questions and also be prepared to discuss your goals and academic/professional history. I wouldn't worry too much. I felt very relaxed during the interview (and I tend to feel nervous during interviews). I found it helpful to keep in mind that I was also interviewing them in order to learn if their program is the right fit for me.
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    Hey all,

    Did you submit for fall 2013 and already interviewed? I thought the deadline was March 1 so I am curious as to when you submitted your application (if you don't mind sharing).
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    Hey there, hopefulxo... I applied sometime at the beginning of January. I had actually called early last week because they had finally received my letters of rec. Anyway, I wanted to ask them what the next steps were, and ********* told me that they would be contacting applicants at the beginning of March for interviews. I actually received my call at the end of last week to schedule my interview.
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    Oh that makes sense! Thank you! I sent in my supplemental things today and was told it would arrive Monday.
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    AlmondB10- Not a problem at all. I completely understand! Thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it!

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