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University of Michigan Flint accelerated MSN

  1. 0 hi all!! i am in the process of applying to uofm flint's accelerated msn program for january 2012 - i was looking for some general information (specific if you want to give) re organization, professors, life/family drain, financial aid (not including 22k stipend) if there is a child care subsidy, ability to work p/t during program, if you had to purchase health insurance for your family and who you used and anything else you would be willing to share.

    i did the 2nd career bsn at uofm aa - graduated 2010 - have worked at the u since november and i am ready to go back. i am also considering ou part time fnp - i really want to get my fnp so i have more opportunities for work but the 16 month program is very tempting.

    couple of issues that arise... i provide health insurance for our family, thinking that another little one is on the radar for 2012 and of course quitting work for 16+ months = ick!

    thank you in advance for any and all information that you are willing to provide - please feel free to message me ) thanks!!
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    Moving this to the post-grad forum (vs. the GN forum) to encourage responses.
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    This post is a few months old now but wondered what you ever decided? Just found out I was accepted to the accelerated MSN program and looking for others. Still letting the info sink in since I am going to now have to tell my job I am leaving and I have a baby coming in February!
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    I also applied to U of M Flint's accelerated MSN program for Jan 2013. Just wondering if you could give me some idea on how quickly you received a decision from U of M after the application deadline. I am trying to decide whether I should get my hopes up since they only have 12 slots available. What do you think of the program?

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    I also have applied to U of M Flint's accelerated MSN program, but for the January 2014 start date. Did you get accepted? I have the same feelings you have that 12 spots doesn't leave a lot of room to get my hopes up. If you do start, I would love to hear an update once you start on how you like the program!
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    When do u find out about admission after submitting application?