University of Cincinnatti FNP spring term 2013 University of Cincinnatti FNP spring term 2013 | allnurses

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University of Cincinnatti FNP spring term 2013

  1. 0 I just got accepted for '13 spring term! I would like to meet up with some cohorts and take any advise given!! Anyone know about the biostatistics course? I hated statistics!
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    Ive been accepted for the srping term as well. I will probably have some of the same questions as you. Any tips would be great.
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    I will be starting in January as well.
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    Hi! I just received notification that I too have been accepted into the Spring 2013 FNP program! I am so excited. I also got accepted into Maryville University but I am leaning more towards UC. I look forward to this new journey in my life and would love to make new friends along the way!
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    I wanted to know if you all would be interested in exchanging information: emails, FB, or whatever so we can stay in touch?
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    That sounds great! Maybe start a FB group for those starting in Spring '13
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    I would love to join this group. Anyone live in the Cincinnati area? I would love to keep in touch with emails or facebook.
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    Hey everyone!

    Ok so I received my call this week. I have already registered for classes, ordered my books and my books are here! I know we have a black board as well for communication but if you are interested in a FB page please send me your email and I will add you to the group that will be for us. Congrats to everyone that has made it to grad school thus far! We have a month left until school!!!!
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    HEy, so have you started the FB page? I would like to join.
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    Hi everyone! I am in the program right now, just finished my first semester! I too was super scared about biostats (turns out it was the easiest class of all, the prof is very good and explains things very well in her presentations). Patho on the other hand is a LOT of work- be prepared to do a lot of studying and reading from the texts. Also, pause the presentations and write down EVERYTHING she says, some of her test material comes directly from her "speech". Good luck!!! I'd like to leave my email address for you guys if you have any questions...
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    Thanks for your help. I listen to lectures today for Patho. Will print out presentations/ slides and go over again and again. I will email if I have any questions, if it is okay. I will be in the ANP program. Again, thanks.
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    Is anyone else having problems accessing the course for patho? I was able to access the class before Jan 1st but when I signed in today it shows I am registered but the link is grayed out! This has me worried...and of course I tried calling the program manager but it went straight to voicemail.
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    Instructor closed it out this morning. She sent out an email.