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Anyone beginning UC's online FNP program for the Fall '12 term? I'm looking to network/share information with fellow classmates. -Jay... Read More

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    I am in adult. As it turns out, the criteria is pretty loose, at least in my specialty (although I believe a large portion of my cohort are FNP).

    It can be any NP, MD, or DO. They don't seem to care, as long as you get your hours. Now I am not the advisor, but that is what I am doing. The only restriction is PA, but, provided the MD is your "preceptor", and close by, well......

    Like I said, this program is essentially DIY, with little guidance. But then again, so is the career.
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    I am starting the fnp in jan of 13! I'm excited, how has working full time and doing this program been?
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    How is everyone doing? I'm researching programs, and I'm trying to find a good online FNP Program.
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    I just submitted my you think they have improved any of the problems that they were having? This seems to be a complaint of many online schools.
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    How hard is it to find clinical sites in the past year? Do they assist at all with placements?