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Just started the app for this school's program. Anyone else thinking of applying here? I'm pretty annoyed at how expensive the application is: $100 for the grad school and $65 for the NursingCAS application system! This will be... Read More

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    I got in for FNP/MPH but just found out today that I got into my first choice school (UCSF) so looks like another spot is opening up for those folks!

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    Just gave my official notice of there's another FNP slot opening up for ya'll! This will officially be my last post for this forum. Good luck to the rest of you waiting to hear back!
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    I applied to the dual FNP/APHN. Yes, positive thoughts to all those who are still waiting.
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    Mines Fnp.
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    My track is Dual FNP/APHN. Ceci81, I'm glad that you finally received your acceptance email and it looks like we have the same track. It will be nice to finally put the face with the name See you in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi Everyone! I have been following this thread for a number of months, but hadn't signed up yet. Now i'm an official user..Just wanted to share where I am. I've applied for FNP, but haven't heard anything yet. I submitted my app near the end of November (eek) and am obsessively checking my email every hour!!!
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    Welcome nanigirl! Try not to be overly stressed! I know waiting is torture, but there is still plenty of time left to be accepted
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    Hello Lovelies!

    I'm still waiting to hear back as well (for the Dual FNP/APHN track). HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has been accepted! This forum has helped a bunch with the anxiety of waiting! Thanks for sharing your experiences~!
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    Hi everyone! I have been following this thread since I turned in my application to UH and this has helped a lot that others are feeling the same way about waiting. Congrats to everyone who have gotten accepted! I am still waiting.. for a response. I am so impatient.. constantly checking my email. Who else is waiting? Anyone doing PNP?
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    Hello everyone, I am waiting too. Checking my email all day everyday I applied for the FNP. I can't wait to find out!!! Good luck to everyone still waiting!!!

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