University of Hawaii Manoa 2013 MEPN Program - page 10

Just started the app for this school's program. Anyone else thinking of applying here? I'm pretty annoyed at how expensive the application is: $100 for the grad school and $65 for the NursingCAS application system! This will be... Read More

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    Oh I tried to post on here but it wouldn't let me. Let's see if this works now. I got my email!!!

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    Good, we both made it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats to both of you!!!
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    Thank you! Now we just need for you to receive your email!!!!!!
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    Aw, thank you! My video was TERRIBLE!! LOL. At least I haven't received a rejection yet so maybe I'm still in the running
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    This is all soooo exciting and exciting producing!!!! Congrats to who recieved emails!!! I hope to get one too... We will see. I am hoping they still have more emails to send and spots to fill. Does anyone know how many students they accept?
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    I'm so excited now! Because it feels real now that I got my acceptance letter in the mail. I am still kind of in shock. See you guys.
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    ****** told me 40. Not sure though.
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    Question for those of you who have got in.. When do you have to let them know your decision by? Also has anyone heard a no yet? Has anyone heard a yes since the last waive of invites in mid-January?
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    No news, good or bad, here. Still patiently waiting although I admit I am losing hope.

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