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UM ARNP .. need advice

  1. 0 i am going to finish my ADN RN in nov. 2013 , i already have a bachelors in biological sciences from FIU. my pre-req GPA is 3.85 my GPA for undergrad degree was 3.0. I spoke with the assistant dean for the MSN dept at UM. and she stated i can apply since i have my bachelors and as long as im an RN. BUT...she said the prefer candidates with exp. in acute care and PREFER RN BSN.

    My question is has anyone applied to this program with a bachelors in a different field? what is your knowledge in the kind of applications they get. If i can go straight into the masters program and avoid spending money getting a bsn that would be great.

    if you know of other schools in miami area that also accept candidates like me please let me know. I know getting exp. will be hard because getting a job as a nurse in miami i heard right now is super hard for nurses with no exp. so i dont even know how to start getting my foot in the door to get a job when i graduate to accumulate this exp.

    any advice helps

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    wow , thousands of nurses on this site and no one has any advice???
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    Quote from yadi87
    wow , thousands of nurses on this site and no one has any advice???
    You might get more responses in the Florida Programs section as you are asking about a specific school.