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Hi folks, Thinking about applying to UIC's GEP program. Anybody here applied and was accepted? What were your stats? My stats: 3.2 Overall GPA/3.5 Sci BA in Sociology. Office Manager in home... Read More

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    congrats on the interviews to the peds people!
    i totally agree on the interviews, and i hope we all feel prepared in that sense! I've just been recovering from strep this week so that's why i didn't mind waiting till next week, my voice is not pretty right now! But congrats and good luck to everyone else!
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    The email makes it sound like they just received permission to notify applicants this morning, hopefully the other specialties will begin receiving news as well!
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    For PNP there were slots available starting Wed and into Tuesday 4/16, if your speciality is similar maybe you'll have some extra time to get your voice back! I highly recommend checking email frequently, I was surprised at how quickly the spots were filling up.
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    Just got my WHNP/Midwifery interview invite!
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    Yay interview for occupational health!
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    Got an interview for Adult-Gero Acute Care!!!! Congrats to everyone else who has received good news today
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    Just got an interview with Midwifery/WHNP!
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    Hello All! Got an interview invite for Mental Health about 20 min ago! Good luck!
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    Got an interview for PMHNP!!! Good luck everyone, hope to meet you all soon
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    I just scheduled my PNP interview for next Wednesday! Is anyone else doing their interview over the phone or skype?
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    Got an interview for PNP!!! Congrats to everyone hearing back! Now nervous for other reasons...
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    Interview for Mental Health! Time to start prepping hardcore!