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Anyone applying to UIC's graduate entry program starting Jan. 2013? I've glanced at the threads from the past couple of year's and thought I'd start one for the next application cycle. I'm finishing... Read More

  1. by   kit12
    In too! Adult/Geri, here I come!
  2. by   Liza324
    Anyone in peds?
  3. by   beeg025
    I was waitlisted for peds. I'm a little bummed but very hopeful. Anyone who has been accepted/waitlisted for peds please keep us posted! Congrats to everyone who has been accepted
  4. by   beeg025
    Also does anyone know how many people are typically on the waitlist per specialty?
  5. by   mkuzel
    Accepted to Mental Health. Im torn bw Rush and UIC. Any advice????
  6. by   Meggie1982
    Got accepted to women's health!!! Any one else in women's health/midwifery? Congratulations everyone!!
  7. by   jameese
    I got accepted to FNP! Never cried tears of joy until today!
  8. by   Agel
    i got into
    primary adult/geriatrics!
  9. by   Holdsteady11
    I got accepted for Perinatal CNS!!!! I can't wait. I am absolutely thrilled!!!!
  10. by   gshear
    I got denied for the ACNP. It doesn't even say anything about being wait listed or anything but I had an interview so I'd assumed at very least I'd be wait listed. I'm devastated, I don't know what im going to do.. I'm missing a pre-req for the Rush & Depaul programs (Never took Orgo LAB and you now need those before you can even apply). Did those of you that got wait-listed actually say in the letter that you were wait listed? Is anyone who got accepted ACNP thinking about going to Rush or Depaul instead?
    It's hard to hold back the tears after waiting so long
  11. by   Jstrevy
    I was wait listed at UIC, and everywhere else I applied to.. I think it's because I still have one or two more per-requisite courses to finish and that I've been teaching subjects unrelated to health sciences abroad for the last two years.

    Looks like the long road home is going to include at least a year of taking per-requisite courses, volunteering. Back to doing web design and marketing again as well....

    I've heard from many people that taking all the premedical courses really helps boost the application so that's where I'm headed for this coming year, anyone else on the same path?

    I'll kind of hoping some of you guys that were accepted choose the program at RUSH instead
  12. by   Jstrevy

    Hey, I totally understand how you feel about that and if it's any consolation, I feel like my also feel denied even though I was put on the wait list for ACNP. I've also heard many ACNP programs are currently stacked with high quality applicants, so it must have been close for everyone.

    I still have per-requisite courses to take (including Organic I and II, Anatomy II, which I take this coming fall). After talking with my friends who work in admissions at several health science programs across the U.S., they all told me having the per-requisites done before is almost a necessity for applicant today..

    We did receive an official letter about the wait list, but I have to treat it like a rejection letter.

    Maybe we will be in the same class if you apply again for 2014, hope you nail your per-requisite courses as well- I know that's what I will be doing...
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  13. by   Jstrevy
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