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Anyone applying to UIC's graduate entry program starting Jan. 2013? I've glanced at the threads from the past couple of year's and thought I'd start one for the next application cycle. I'm finishing up pre-reqs and taking the GRE... Read More

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    NPmyd, yes, I got my EMT license over the winter. Honestly, I debated what to get between the 2 and went with EMT because I thought that being able to ride in an ambulance and actually see more emergency related stuff would be more interesting than sitting at a nursing home all day and changing people's diapers. I haven't actually started doing anything EMT related since I need to change my driver's license from Florida to California and also because I'm taking an accelerated Physiology class right now...and possibly microbio during the summer so I'm trying to just focus on getting good grades for the moment. I've pretty much forgotten a lot of the stuff I learned in December, but hopefully it should come back to me quickly. I'm also looking into volunteering at the county hospital, but probably can't do it for too long since I need to start making money again instead of burning through my savings.

    Anyway, enough rambling. I think EMT is a bit more versatile, but CNA will offer more bedside experience. It all just depends on how much the courses take, availability, and job prospects.

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    I've had my paramedic license for the past 5 years, and I had my EMT-Basic for one year before that. I'll tell you this: EMS is a great way to gain experience in the healthcare community. Just don't expect to be running emergencies all day with your EMT-B license (that goes for you too, samdaman). With just an EMT license in any populated area, you'll likely only be able to find a job on a private ambulance company, but the jobs are out there! There's a HUGE turn over rate in the private EMS sector because, unfortunately, the pay isn't that great and the companies could care less about you, so they're usually always hiring....As bad as that sounds, though, experience is experience....

    In the Chicagoland area, the private ambulance companies are ATI, Trace, Superior, Vandenberg....just google "Private ambulances" and your zip code and you'll get a whole list of them. Shop around too, because some companies offer bonuses per call you run.

    When you're just an EMT-B, you usually handle a lot of transfers between nursing homes, hospitals, dialysis centers etc. I can count on one hand how many emergencies I actually ran in my one year with a private company, but you still will get them.
    ALSO...With an EMT license (and usually some experience), you can get a job in a hospital as an ER tech, where you will get plenty of emergency experience.

    I can't speak for CNA's, because I don't know anything about that certification, but I do suggest an EMT license if you're looking for healthcare experience and are very serious about getting into healthcare at all. Let me know if you have any questions about EMS and I'll be glad to answer them...I know that having this background and experience will really help me whenever and wherever I am fortunate enough to continue my education in the medical field.
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    Most hospitals hire CNA's or will hire CNA's to be Patient Care Technicians. A lot of nurses I know got their feet in the doors of great hospitals that way.
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    I received an email yesterday morning that I got an interview for the PMHNP track! Has anyone else with the PMHNP track received an email about an interview or had their interview yet?
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    Looks like Julie Kim is out of the office until Sunday so I guess we won't be hearing anything from them the rest of this week...Does anyone think they'll have 2 rounds of interviews for FNP...or maybe someone can ask on Monday when they have their interviews.
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    To those people that have been asked for an interview, is the interview on the original dates posted on their website, or is it later since they extended the application deadline? Thanks!
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    I had my interview April 4th
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    was that the original date from their website?
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    Hello, Ive had my interview but feel slightly disadvantaged since it was over skype. 12 of us went there to interview and half were taken for one on ones with a professor there and the other half were interviewed via skype by a professor remotely. Did anyone else have this experience? Do you think it really makes a difference?
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    I was invited to interview via telephone for the FNP track, but I actually decided to decline the invitation. I've already accepted an offer from another school and as much as I'd love to attend UIC, I feel there is a disadvantage that this program doesn't bestow a BSN, only an RN and MSN. Also, the whole group interview with half the interviewees present while the rest of us were on telephone definitely made my stomach turn--I am NOT great at group interviews, especially when no one can read my body language! I think the should do one-on-one interviews, especially if there's only 25 interview slots for FNP applicants. Anyway, UIC is an AMAZING school and I hope whoever gets my interview spot makes it in and does awesome things

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