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Is anyone looking at University of Hawaii's MEPN program for Fall 2012? I'm originally from Honolulu and would LOVE to go back and do this program. Especially since I would pay in-state tuition! :) I've looked over the lengthy... Read More

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    Were you notified by mail or phone?
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    Such a great attitude @DC275. I'm trying to keep it together. I haven't heard anything yet. I will let y'all know when I do.
    What track did you select? Congrats on your acceptance. I wish you and everyone else on here the best of luck!
    Chomping at the bit over here....
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    Hey guys, I was notified by letter. It was written on the 20th and postmarked 21st. If your on the mainland it's on its way. I chose the adult/gerontology track. It is the last year they are offering that dual specialty.
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    THanks for the response!
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    Hey! I'm also eagerly awaiting my letter. I'm from the mainland so it would be a difficult move but it would be very nice to have options anyway.

    @DC275 CONGRATS!!! Goodness, that must be a load off your shoulders. Was it a big envelope or a small one? haha I feel like I'm in high school again!
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    Haha. I think the load hasn't even begun I have to find a nanny now and my husband is deployed. But I am super thankful it came before April. It was a business envelope, thin. I'm sure they are all the same.
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    Thank you for all the congrats! Hoping that I will have some classmates from this forum!
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    got my letter today... didn't get in . super duper bummed. But I guess everything happens for a reason, so I'll embrace what I've been dealt. I did get into Manoa's bachelor's program so I guess I'll be going that route. Longer road, but it'll have to do! Hope the rest of you hear better news.
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    I didnt get in either... What did your rejection letter say?
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    Something about you have not bee selected for admission to the Nursing-MS program for Fall 2012. Your file was forwarded to the program for further review and unfortunately, returned without a positive admission recommendation.

    Blah, blah booooo!

    Tarzzanna... Did you apply for any other programs? What track did you apply for?