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Has anyone else applied for the Fall programs at UAB? I applied for the ACNP program. Just anxiously waiting to hear back at this point. I noticed in the past there have been groups. I figured I... Read More

  1. by   SCRN060584
    Got my acceptance in the mail today!
  2. by   ItsCatRn
    Congratulations! I didn't get anything in the mail today. My heart dropped when I didn't see anything. I was so nervous during my interview so I don't know how they are going to interpret that and if My answers were what they were looking for. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Hopefully by Monday. I live in NC so I don't know how long it will take mail to get here from UAB. Pray for me!
  3. by   Kandace.O RN, BSN
    Quote from SCRN060584
    How did everyone's interview go? Any updates?
    The interview was great! Very relaxed and I loved it. I can't wait to hear the news about it! I got accepted into 2 other schools and I'm jut waiting to hear back from UAB to make my decision. My only issue is that UAB is saying I HAVE to come to campus for orientation, but I currently am stationed in Japan and already planned and booked my trip home for August-October back in December, 2 weeks after the orientation. They are saying they may have to defer my admission to next year if I don't go.

    We will I'll see how that goes. How did your interview go?
  4. by   ItsCatRn
    Scrn060584 when was your interview? I didn't get anything in the mail today and I live in NC so I was thinking it may just be a day or so behind you. I hate knowing that they have mailed out acceptance letters already and worried that nothing has came for me. This stress is killing me, it's MUSC waiting game all over again. You know how that was for all of us.
  5. by   ItsCatRn
    Anyone else get anything in the mail? I've been stalking my mailbox for some news but nothing today. Scrn060584 when was yours postmarked?
  6. by   ItsCatRn
    Anybody else get their letters yet or able to log into blazernet?
  7. by   BSNRn16
    Can someone help me understand what y'all are talking about when you say log into blazer net?? I am a current employee and I already have a blazer ID do I need to create another one if I am hoping to be a student and if so, how??
  8. by   ItsCatRn
    I think from what I read on previous forums that if you already have access to a blazerId then you can see if you were accepted if they have the degree that you applied for updated on your profile. I was never a UAB employee or student and am trying to just create a BlazerID just to see if they had put anything on my profile, but I'm still unable create an ID. I'm guess that just means that I have a rejection letter heading my way. =(
  9. by   adsrn7
    I have a precious Blazernet account from when I got my BSN from UAB. I'm not sure how to create one, it's been a while since I created mine. I have no changes, so I'm expecting a rejection letter too.
  10. by   VegasTigerRN
    I can't create anything on blazernet either. Fingers crossed it's just too soon!
  11. by   ItsCatRn
    VegasTigerRN- What program did you apply to? I was told that letters were mailed out last Friday for the DNP program, But I'm out of town and can't check my mailbox. I can't create anything on Blazernet, I hope it's not what I think it means.
  12. by   VegasTigerRN
    Acute care masters.
  13. by   SCRN060584
    I still can't create a blazernet. And I'm sorry for posting I got my acceptance letter. My husband called and told me I got into Alabama and I assumed UAB, but it was USA. However, I got an e-mail either today or yesterday regarding orientation date changes. I e-mailed Jacque to see if that meant we were accepted because I hadn't received a letter. She told me I was accepted and the letter was coming!