Typhon patient tracking system

  1. 0 Does anyone have experience using the Typhon tracking system? My school will be using this this spring. Just wondering how time consuming it is and what is the best way to input info...i.e. photocopy what you can (if allowed) and enter it at home, or make a fill in the blank template to keep on each patient? Or if you can get online at the clinical sight, do it there??

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    I used Typhon in my NP program. I kept a small notebook with me during clinical and I put in patient age, race, insurance, diagnosis and any special procedure/lab/imaging they had done. That was really all the information I needed to complete my logs at home. If you re able to access Typhon at your clinical definitely take advantage of that. They are not hard, just time consuming. Especially if you get a week behind. FYI: Every school is different in what they make you input regarding the patient. Your school might not make you input the patient's insurance like ours did.

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