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Hi everyone, How many of you have applied for the 2013 Accelerated BSN/MSN program at JHU SON? I applied early decision and completed my phone interview on the 26th. They said they will start... Read More

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    CNP thank you so much. I am really hoping I get a call sooner than later, and if I do, I've love to connect with you about general program stuff as well as where to live in Baltimore, etc.

    You really are the only thing keeping most of us sane at this point. I have a previous graduate degree and I do not remember freaking out as much about the decision- I guess that's why I left my PhD program to pursue a FNP ;-)

    So grateful for you CNP!
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    Quote from ghostbird
    Ah got it. Do you know if this is the case for FNP? Is there any way to just go straight through for FNP? I was so busy during the application cycle that I didn't have time to look into these details; now I'm wishing that I did!
    Like I said most masters program begin in the Fall with FNP being in that category. So you will have that gap between graduation and starting the program.
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    CNP did you get my latest email? I had another question too. Are the decisions being called on Monday and Tuesday or is it in upcoming weeks? I have deposits due at other schools soon and I don't really want to throw away $500 if I don't have to...
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    Yes I did, I have been working on a response . They will continue with decisions all next week as well.
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    I hear you Healer's Art, I just got two acceptance letters in the mail this morning (but not from JHU...sad) and they are asking that I put down my deposit buy March 8! Hopefully we'll hear from JHU early next week! Good luck!
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    CNP, do you know how many applicants there were total? Now I am at that point in my dramatic moment where I am crunching numbers and doing probabilities...
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    Okay....step back and stop that right now, take a break and breathe haha. They honestly don't publish those stats so what I can say is we did receive a high amount of applications this cycle with more of those being for Fall. Considering they haven't finalized everything yet I don't even have a clear idea of how many applicants, acceptance rates etc. Just remember there is no "perfect student" they are looking for and they don't compare people...there are a multitude of factors that play into a decision.
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    Part of why this is so nerve wracking for me is because I was early decision, then they moved me to the regular decision pool. That means I have been waiting four months since my application was in and I interviewed. It is very anxiety producing, and JHU is my dream school and logistically is the easiest (my fiance is a post-doc and has a connection at NIDA). I know that everything is going to work out, what ever the outcome, but I feel strung along (I know I am not alone in this feeling) and just want answers.

    Hopefully they'll get decisions out next week, rather than two weeks from now. Thanks again CNP!
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    It's really annoying that other schools have such a short amount of time within which you have to respond, which may or may not correspond with response times from other schools. One thing that is super classy about JHU is that the response deadline is May 1. I wish all schools would take notice and do likewise.
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    Congrats to those who have gotten good news. Did anyone just apply to the ABSN summer program? I don't believe those of us who just applied to the ABSN had to have an interview. Also, I am confused if we were supposed to hear back on the same date as those who applied to the absn/msn program. Is anyone else in this position?

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