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Okay I have searched far and wide to find a topic relating to this but have only found older ones... I mean come on guys the world isn't really going to end December 2012. :yeah: So here's to the 2012 application cycle! I have... Read More

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    Washington89 - I'm about 85% sure that I'm going to choose Linfield. I feel that an accelerated nursing program is so intense already and moving across the country would add too much stress to my life, along with the fact that I will have around $40,000 less in private loans coming out of school if I stay here. I feel that spending $80,000 on a bachelor's degree is a little excessive, especially when I have less expensive options, and I would rather spend more money on a master's/doctorate. Which schools are you deciding between? What did you think about accepted students day at JH? Did you like Baltimore? I'm waitlisted at OHSU also, so keeping my fingers crossed that I may get a call from them in the next month. Good luck in your decision!

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    How do you all pay for JHU's tuition and living expenses?

    Just curious - I would be moving out of state if I attended that school and I currently have no loans now.
    But I'm just interested in seeing how other applicants factor that.
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    gwelltravaille - I've decided to attend JHU and will be moving there from out of state. I am paying for school through a combination of federal loans, grants, and mostly private loans. It is a lot of debt to take on, but if you can live frugally for a couple years after graduation and get a job quickly, it is possible to pay it off pretty fast. There are also a lot of scholarship opportunities out there; the sooner you apply the better. Also, there are programs that will help pay off a portion of student loans if you committ to working with undeserved populations for a couple years after school. Good luck to you!
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    Hello all! I was accepted but deferred until next year, so I never got a financial aid estimate from Hopkins. Comparable schools (Penn and Columbia) gave me a pretty dismal package--about $90,000 in fed. loans and another $20,000 to come up with out of pocket after grants and scholarships. I have 0 EFC and absolutely no income or assets (I'm POOR!), so I was just wondering if I can look forward to an equally dismal financial aid package at JHU, or if people with similar financial situations got a more reasonable package. You can PM me if you'd prefer.

    Thanks so much!

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