Students in Accelerated/2nd entry MSN programs: Who did you get your recc's from?

  1. I'm applying to a few programs in the fall, and I was just wondering what sort of professors tend to give great recommendations for nursing school. Obviously, I wouldn't email an undergraduate professor that I took Music Theory 101 with, lol.

    What subjects did the professors whom you got the references from teach?
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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Take a look and see if the schools give any pointers on the recommendations. For example at my institution only one of the 3 letters is to be an academic letter. The others are from someone in healthcare, and a professional recommendation from an employer.
  4. by   nebbiolo
    When I applied (note, I was waitlisted and am not enrolled), I received one rec from my undergrad professor who advised me in my economics honors thesis. The other 2 were from work colleagues.

    I've been out of school for almost 10 years and had to go back to my college and request a letter of rec since they required an academic one. I had to dig up a copy of my old was a pain but she remembered me!
  5. by   ESP2217
    I graduated from an accelerated BSN- I got recommendations from my boss at the time (who was a hospital administrator), a physician who I had worked with for years and a nurse manager who I worked very closely with.

    If you have been out of school for a while, I would not look to professors as they probably can not write good rec letters for you.