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I have found my self in an interesting predicament and I need some advice. I graduated from my BSN program in December 2010. Prior to graduation I was concerned about the job market so I hedged my... Read More

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    dancingnurses13- you sent me a personal message about emory- but i dont have the ability to send those yet. what information are you looking for. i did the absn-msn program in FNM. i just started the masters portion. you just apply once for both programs. i am enjoying the program so far. the clinical sites have been amazing, some classes were not as great- but of course that all depends on the professor. financial aid has been a problem for some. emory is costly and they financial aid is not the best. many people get some financial aid then look for loans, scholarships, grants, etc. it is a little hectic because you dont get summers off with the Absn program. its straight through for 15 months. Emory does have a segue program that is the BSN in 2 years and you do get summers off. we also only had 2.5 weeks between the BSN and MSN portion. some of the specialties (FNM and others) start then clinicals in october so you have take and pas the NCLEX before then. many of us took it within the 2 weeks vacation or first week of school. so be prepared to not have a lot of time off!
    so far the masters portion has been fantastic. the professors in the FNM program are experts in their field and try to work with you if you want a certain placement for a clinical site. you do not have to choose your clinical site, there is a coordinator that does that for you. but if there is a group that you wish to work with they will try to get a contract with them so you can.

    i hope this helps. please let me know if you have any other questions.

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    I'd say no. I'd never encourage anyone to attend a school like Yale. Names like that equal "expensive." I don't think college is worth that cost personally. Old State U., on the other hand, is a good investment.
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    @ea102--would you mind if i sent you an email instead? I think you can easily access that. I would love to ask you some questions!

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