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Hi Everyone, I haven't seen this thread yet and as the application date (July 1) looms closer I thought I would start one. I am interested to know who is applying, what your undergraduate degree of study was and why you are now... Read More

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    I have not heard anything either.

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    Yes. I applied for the ELMSN/FNP track and I got a confirmation email.
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    Patience is a virtue I do not possess however I am holding onto what Liza told me it could take 4 weeks or more to get all of the confirmations sent out.
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    Hi all! This is my second time applying to the Sac campus, and it does take them some time to get all the emails out. I received confirmation on July 6th that my application was received, but remember, they have hundreds of applications so it's a long process! I am sure you will get your emails soon, as interviews will start in August. Good luck!
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    Hi All,

    Still waiting for that confirmation. This waiting process is so nerve-wracking. Have any of you looked into other schools/programs?
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    Yes! I spent last year applying to multiple schools, with no success. I am on the waitlist right now for 2 of them, but it does not look promising.... There are a few schools in SoCal adding this type of entry level program for 2013. It's a very competitive field, with each school usually only having 25-30 slots in a class! You have to keep trying I guess
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    Hi guys, I just called the SMU at Sac Campus. The lady told me that they were still processing applications. However, she checked for me that they had received my application. She said she would contact people as soon as they have input all those information into the system. She was so nice and got back to me so quickly. Just kept waiting if you still haven't heard anything yet.
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    Thanks for the updated, ALXiong. That puts me a little more at ease.
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    What other programs have you applied? The only one I have found that matches this is Samuel Merritt Oakland and Azusa Pacific in So Cal? As I have three kids and live near the sac campus I don't any other options. At this point I'm praying that this is where I'm supposed to go, we'll see I guess! Patience definitely not one of my strong suits.

    What types of letters of recommendation did everyone get?

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    Haha, Darcy I am with you. Patience? What is that?
    I have two young children and live in Sacramento, so Samuel Merritt is my only option for this type of program. The two references I used were a nurse I worked with and the clinic manager of where I volunteer. Good luck to all.

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