Samuel Merritt ELMSN/FNP Fall 2013 Sacramento - page 20

Hi Everyone, I haven't seen this thread yet and as the application date (July 1) looms closer I thought I would start one. I am interested to know who is applying, what your undergraduate degree of... Read More

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    How did they tell you, sisyer 2?

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    my heart is now literally skipping a beat. haha. good luck to all. praying praying praying ! haha

    edit: I wonder if they're calling everyone today? Or are they going to space it out ??
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    what is your first name? Just curious cause I was in the re-app group. Two out of 9 that we know of have been accepted. Getting nervous that I am not going to be part of that group.
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    My cousin was just accepted to the FNP program also. She was in this past Saturday's interview from 10-12pm. Congrats all! See you in Sac!
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    Rhonda called me and offered me a spot.... I totally just broke down crying. I wish you ALL get calls!
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    Congrats, Sisyer2!! It has been a long journey for you. Well deserved.
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    I received an acceptance call this morning, from Teri Gwinn. Fingers are crossed for all of you-we've all worked hard and waited for this!
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    Elegant.lil.lady, sisyer2 and prophetessCCC Congrats!!
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    Thanks JeninCA! I am hoping you get a call!!
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