Resume for Direct Entry MSN programs

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm applying in this next cycle to several direct entry MSN programs (Yale, Columbia, UPenn...), and I'm not sure what style of resume to submit. I come from a business background, so I am used to having a very strict one-page resume since that is what most people prefer. This also means cutting out some things (which isn't entirely bad because it forces you to be concise) but I don't know if grad schools would rather see MORE of the things you have done.

    I have been out of college for 4 years, but I am rather proud of some accomplishments from college (research, leadership position in honor society), and I am wondering if I should still include that? For my business style resume, I definitely took all of that stuff out because it was from college and 4-6 years ago and less relevant, but I'm wondering if it is different for grad school?

    Any words of advice would be very welcome, especially from those who have been accepted into programs!!! Thank you!!
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