Organization and Study Tips for graduate school

  1. I am currently in the BSN-DNP PNP program online at University of Missouri. I am trying to reorganize my desk/office space because I'm one of those people who need to be organized and have my space clean before I can really began to be productive. Does anyone have any tips for staying organized through grad school? I know there are going to be stacks of papers/notes, etc. Also what ways did you find most productive on taking/organizing notes on information from readings? Any tips would be appreciated. I've found some great/unique ideas online so far but was hoping to get some more specific to nursing.
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  3. by   NJprisonrn
    This is what I did in my BSN and will continue in my MSN: I always made a combined calendar of every class I was taking each semester as soon as the syllabus was available. Due dates of assignments, readings, discussion boards (for online), and any pertinent info I could think of go on the calendar. I would hang it next to my desk and check off each thing as it was done. I also put the assignments into my google calendar on my smartphone. That way I knew what needed to be done as I scheduled in life events during the school year.

    When in class, I always record the lecture and listen to it while driving or doing laundry. Every time you hear the info you pick up something new. Also, some people who record just pay attention in class and take taking notes later during the second listen. Time consuming but probably effective!!!
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    I need a physical reminder of things that are due when, so I have a huge calendar (18x30 or something) that I handwrite in all of my assignments, my work schedule, and anything else. Everything is color coded. One class is pink, the other is purple, work is blue, and anything else is black. I check off assignments as I complete them. I could put them in my iPhone, but that just isn't enough for me.

    I keep my books in a small tote bag. That way, I can carry them around the house to whatever room I've decided to work in that day (sometimes the living room, sometimes the dining room table, and sometimes the desk in the family room). This also makes it easy to grab them on my way out the door if I'm going somewhere I'll have time to read, like the laundromat.

    More technology related than physical space, but here's what I do for files:
    Main folder: Name of University
    Inside that: 1 folder for each class
    Inside class folder: 1 folder for discussion postings, 1 folder for papers, 1 folder for notes, and 1 folder for resources (journal articles, handouts, etc)
    My Macbook lets me highlight the names of folders, although I don't know if Windows has the same capability. This semester's classes are highlighted in orange, next semester's are yellow. I also back up to a USB drive at least weekly.