OHSU Acc Bacc to Masters 2012

  1. I wanted to start a thread for anyone applying to OHSU's Accelerated Bacc to Master's for the 2012 cohort. This way we can keep each other informed when we hear anything. I have applied to the Acc Bacc for Nurse Midwifery. Go Team 2012 Applicants!
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  3. by   myelin
    I applied for psych.
  4. by   yellowfluffball
    I applied for psych too, I wanted to know what kind of education and clinical backgrounds people have going into this program?
  5. by   Midwife22
    I'm glad someone started a thread for this! I am an applicant for the ABM Midwifery Program. I'll let anyone know if I hear anything and I hope all of you will do the same. Maybe we'll be classmates this summer :-) Best of luck to everyone.
  6. by   rmfornursing
    I applied for the Acc Bacc to Masters in Midwifery. Got called by OHSU on Friday morning 01/05 as to the interview. Mine will be on January the 26th. Hope to see you Folks there and good luck!
  7. by   myelin
    Just got an email from OHSU and it looks like those of us who applied for psych won't be hearing anything for a couple of weeks since the interview dates are in early to mid Feb. More waiting! hmph.
  8. by   Midwife22
    I just got the email reminder for the interview dates for the various programs too. My guess is they're starting to get a lot of calls and emails from people wondering about interviews. I've been told that they go through applications in batches and don't just sit down all at once and make all the calls in one day. Although it's nerve racking, we have to be patient. I had two friends get into the midwifery program last year and they received requests to interview 1 1/2 weeks apart even though they interviewed on the same day.
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  9. by   rmfornursing
    As to the midwifery one, I asked the person who notified me abt my interview of how many'd be invited. She said that she wasn't sure, since they were actually still reviewing the applications (she called 10ish Friday morning) at that point. She also mentioned I should receive the official email/invite that also contains details (parking, etc) possibly this Wednesday. Another thing, there's a possibility of potluck party on January 26th, so I am really looking forward to this!
  10. by   rmfornursing
    Btw midwife22, do you know how many got the interview last yr and how many actually got in? ^,^
  11. by   Midwife22
    rmfornursing, I'm not sure but I know the one day that one of my friends interviewed there were 6 people. I am curious how many people are interviewing since they have 4 days set aside.
  12. by   rmfornursing
    Ah I see. Hope you'll get the interview too! Keep us posted pls.
  13. by   Cocorbett
    I got called yesterday to come for an interview for the Accelerated BSN MSNurse-Midwifery program. I'll be there February 2nd. Good luck everyone, looking forward to meeting you!
  14. by   rmfornursing
    Wooooot, congrats Cocorbett!! Hope we both will get in!! Btw, did the person notifying you give options as to date and time?