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  1. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Not every school is operating in this manner. The need for quality preceptors is one reason why our program has remained 'campus-based'. We have structured the classes so that the didactic instruction is only 1 day a week for fulltime students (and have students commuting from all across Virginia as well as surrounding states). We only admit enough APN students as we have preceptors. Our NP passrates are well above the national averages (usually 95-100%), and all of our NP programs are nationally ranked.

    We present NP students with a list of ratified contracts/preceptors and ask students to rank-order their wishes. They are welcome to locate their own preceptor if they want (but most select preceptors from our 'menu' for at least 1 of the two semesters of practica. We can accommodate up to 10 PNP, 20 FNP, 10 PMHNP, and 15 ACNP students per year with our menu of preceptors. We've been in NP education since the early 1970s (were the first NP program in Virginia), and have hundreds of NP alum throughout the Mid-Atlantic area --- many of which have volunteered as preceptors.

    Hunt around. You should be able to find a program that is 'distance friendly' that can provide you with quality preceptors.