New DNP program for those not interested in a PhD

  1. Hello everyone!

    I wanted to tell everyone about this new program that rolled out at Walden University about 6 weeks ago that I just found out about today.

    There have been so many that have posted that are interested in being a Nurse Educator in an academic vs a hospital setting and would eventually like to obtain a doctorate, but had a ZERO desire to get a PhD. Many of us inquired about something "in-between" that would allow for educators to advance their knowledge that may want to stay out of the NP arena or research, grant writing, etc. However, nothing seemed to be available.

    The DNP program at Walden University DOES NOT REQUIRE you to be a Nurse Practitioner. It is a non-research based degree specifically designed for non-NP's that want a doctorate but not a PhD. No dissertation requirement!! If you review the curriculum, it really has the "meat" of what so many of us are looking for.

    I talked to a wonderfully amazing admissions advisor...she gave me permission to post her information on here as I stated that there were many on the same search that I was.

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