Letter of recommendation?

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    I am thinking of applying to Columbia's ETP program. They ask for 3 letters of recommendation. One of the three should be a personal letter of recommendation. I am not sure who to ask for this. Can it be your husband or a sibling? Thank you for any thoughts on the matter.

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    I would not recommend submitted a letter from anyone in your family or your spouse.

    A personal letter of recommendation would generally be someone who knows you as a person. Not as someone who knows you as a student or as an employee. Possible people to ask could be your mentor, a leader in an organization where you have volunteered, or a non-relative who has known you for a number of years.
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    I would never use family as a reference simply as they can be seen as biased. I would use co-workers, managers, supervisors, mentors, perhaps a priest or other religious leader would also be an idea.

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