Help! Should I retake this class for CRNA school?????

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    Hi nurses.
    I am a RN with a BSN. Actually I have 2 bachelor degrees. My 1st in Exericse & Sports Science. I'm 27 years old. Been an RN for 3 years (3 years in Aug). Worked on a Medical/Tele floor and now just got hired into an ICU (MICU/SICU). Goal is to be a CRNA. I took A&P 2 before A&P1, took A&P2 as undergrad when I was 18 years old as a freshmen with the mind set of "not caring" like many other 18 year olds. Anyways I got an 2.0. took A&P 1 the next year and got a 3.0. My question is, a 2.0 is not good, so should I retake A&P2 so it would look better when I apply to CRNA schools?

    Thanks guys!

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    most school require a 3.0 or better for overall GPA and Science classes.
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    Yea, my overalls are about 3.4 for both my Bachelor degrees.
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    Your question IMO should be are you comfortable starting such an aggressive program that will expect you to know your A&P. Do you know enough?

    Also would you benefit ... which one did you only make a 2. in?
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    agree with above post- whether your grades are good enough is not as important as how comfortable you are with the material? from what i understand, CRNA programs require a VERY firm and solid understanding of basic A&P principles. just something to consider... good luck!
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