Graduate Entry 2011 applicants - page 2

I thought I would start a thread for anyone who's applied to start a grad entry program in 2011 to post about interviews, acceptances, etc. I've applied to the midwifery programs at OHSU and Seattle... Read More

  1. by   areawoman
    I just got my invitation to interview from Seattle U! So excited!
  2. by   mef06011
    me too! so happy!
  3. by   areawoman
    Well, a friend of mine got her acceptance to the OHSU grad-entry midwifery program yesterday, and I didn't get anything yesterday or today, so I suppose that means I'm probably out. Has anyone else heard? I haven't yet heard back from Seattle University either.
  4. by   tablefor9
    Going to Frontier's CNEP program for MSN in Midwifery, start Frontier Bound next week.

    Keep us posted! Good luck to you guys, not much longer to wait now.
  5. by   msu_nurse2004
    I have applied to University of Detroit Mercy and Wayne State University, both NP programs. Recently had an interview with U of D (yesterday ). I won't know for sure until a few weeks. U of D is defnifitely my 1st choice for FNP program. My application is under "Faculty Review" for Wayne State. I took stats 2 summers ago, and you guys are right, not as bad as I thought it would be.

    I said a prayer and my fingers are crossed!

    Good Luck NURSES!!!

    Keep us updated