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Fresno State MS Nursing Fall 2012

  1. 0 Hi, has anyone here applied to the MS Nursing Program of Fresno State (Family Nurse Practitioner or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner)? I applied to the FNP program but I have not heard from Fresno State yet. Anyone who got an acceptance or rejection letter? I submitted my application on March 29, 2012. Thank you
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    Got my invitation for admission in the MS FNP program of Fresno State last night... Thank you Lord :0
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    Congrats! That's great! What is your background in nursing? I am curious as I'd like to be a NP someday. And I'm moving to Fresno in a few weeks.
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    hi runna909,

    I am working in the subacute unit of a skilled nursing facility. I have been working in the facility for two years. I finished my BSN in another country. I came here in 2010. Welcome to Fresno. Are you going to work or study here in Fresno?
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    Thank you for the welcome. I will be working there, and I plan on going back to school after about 2 years.
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    I hope you enjoy it here. I actually thought I would not be accepted. It's a long shot for me. I just prayed a lot and put in my best effort. I edited my essay several times and got the recommendation of the dean of my school. But, I think it's really the prayers that got me in. Good luck.
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    Congratulations on getting accepted!

    I have not applied to the CSU Fresno FNP program but will do so in a few years. I am currently in a BSN program. So I was wondering if you can share any tips on getting accepted to the FNP program?
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    I am applying for winter or spring. Which ever is the next class. Any suggestions?

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