For RN-BSN online grads now in MSN FNP program...

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    I have found the RN-MSN program at HPU (Hawaii Pacific University) extremely costly. I would like to get my BSN quickly and cheaply online. But my concern is getting into a FNP program having obtained my Bachelors online. College credentialing is important so I am concerned about going to an online school that will not be recognized by a Masters program at an accredited University.

    I want to hear about Nurses who have obtained their BSN through online RN-BSN programs.

    What online university did you "attend" and
    Where are you now, or in the past working on your FNP?

    Mahalo for your time and God bless on your journeys!
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    Those programs abound. Try UAMS.
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    Try Arizona State University or University of Texas Arlington. Both programs are online and CCNE accredited.

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