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DNP/PNP suggestion UofM vs South Alabama Online - page 2

Hi everyone! New here. I am currently a home health nurse, looking at DNP/PNP. PNP??? you home health I work with the full lifespan and really enjoy peds more than geriatrics/adults. At any... Read More

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    I will complete my PNP with USA in December and I have been pleased overall with the program. The biggest headache is finding a preceptor because they do not help you AT ALL. In their defense, we have students from all over the US ( Hawaii, Alaska) and even a student on a military base in Korea. I dont believe with students this spread out that they can help with finding preceptors. I do like the amount of hands on experience I have received. I have been interning in clinics since last fall which has really helped to apply what we learn in class. You do have to be very goal oriented to complete a degree online.
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    I am only a BSN student, but I have heard how challenging USA is in their BSN program. I saw where they do currently offer a BSN to a DNP program now, so I hope that won't be an issue for me in the near future. I actually live like maybe 30 minutes from this school. It is very reputable in the area because it is considered a "medical" school. It also has its own hospital where most people go if they get in a car accident in my area. A girl I know just got accepted into the program, and I honestly do not think her BSN gpa was perfect by no means. I can't believe on the past posts that a woman told you applying with less than 4.0, you won't get accepted. That is RIDICULOUS. I wonder if this person went to nursing school themselves? I just don't know many people in nursing school with perfect gpa's. This girl did go to South Alabama to get her BSN though, and I know that helps you tons to have one degree from there already. I personally did not want to go there because I love University of Southern Miss. I know it's known for being a business school, but the BSN program is wonderful there. They offer a DNP there but not online. I want to go there, but one of my professors told a few students that it is not a smart idea to get a degree at the same schools. I really do not know her rationale on this though.