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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

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    Congrats! I would be coming for California too and right now plane tickets are so expensive to ATL, but I really want to go! Emory's campus is beautiful and Emory hospital (the one on campus) is a large academic medical center and it is a really good hospital. ( I did a clinical rotation there.) I don't know much about the program either. Do you know how big it is? Do you know if we are able to do the MSN portion part-time?

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    I don't know the details of the program since we didn't have an info/interview session. But I just saw on the website that midwifery and acute care master's portion can be done part-time. I've never been to ATL so this is all new to me!
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    Atlanta is really nice! Lots of traffic though. Emory is in the downtown area, which is cool. I bet you'll like it congratulations again to both of you!
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    Do all of the specialties at OHSU have interviews? I applied to the PMHNP program.
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    Meep - I took my developmental psych class online from Barton Community College in Kansas even though I live in CA. It's only $133 a unit there and you have the opportunity to do it either in 9 weeks or 18 weeks. I did mine in 9 and it was an easy A. The semester starts tomorrow so you might be able to still register and get in if you make it quick!
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    Duke applicants-I received noticed via email by a reliable source (admissions officer) about interview notifications. Although the person on the phone said interview notifications should be sent out around January 22nd, he actually said it'll be around January 30th. More waiting for us!
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    Fromcatony .... Thank you so much for the info about Barton , I was able to sign up today and I'm enrolled, you're a life saver!!
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    No problem Meep, hopefully you can get the book on time! The instructor I had for the course was not a very good one (in my opinion) but the class is super easy.

    I'm not applying to programs until this coming fall as I am in Anat and Physio now and still have Microbiology left to take but after all this talk about Emory on this board I did some research. Emory doesn't have an accelerated MSN program for applicants who hold bachelors in other areas do they? I think I just saw they had the accelerated BSN. Just doing all my research now Now if only I could force myself to start studying for the GRE....ugh.
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    Hannahzp, there are only two specialties for the direct entry program at OHSU PMHNP and Midwifery.

    Have any of the midwifery applicants heard back from OHSU? I'm getting so anxious!
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    fromCAtoNY, Emory's program is an accelerated BSN-MSN program, meaning it is for students who have a bachelor's in a degree other than nursing, and both the BSN and MSN portion are accelerated! I didn't apply because I think it required chem 1 and chem 2, and I didn't have chem 2, but it's an awesome program! It also requires the TEAS, and not the GRE. I hope this answers some of your questions

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