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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

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    Quote from morganw1
    Don't worry guys! I'm sure you're golden for the interviews. I wanted to apply to uic but I am going to retake my GRE and then apply next round . I read that they place a lot of emphasis on them.
    Do you have above a 3.25 GPA? They are now waiving the GRE if you do. Just incase you change your mind!

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    When are we suppose to hear back from Duke? I totally forgot they have interviews too!
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    Quote from JustD16
    I'll be applying to UIC as well! :-)
    Also applying! I'm polishing up my personal statements and trying to confirm my 3rd recommender. anyone know if you can change one of the recommenders last minute?
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    Hi All,

    Just heard someone got a request on Jan 8th for an interview for the PMHNP program at Vandy--any one else?? I'm so paranoid now!!
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    Still waiting to hear about the PMHNP interview... Hopefully soon!
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    I got into Emory last night!! Did anyone else hear back???
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    OMG congrats meep05!!! I haven't received any notification from Emory yet besides one about a deadline scholarship this morning. I thought they were sending our notifications in February! What is your specialty again? And was this a phone notification?

    I called Duke today and they said interview notifications should be sent out around the end of the month (the lady said maybe around Jan 22nd). And interviews will take place at the end of February and on March 1st.

    Sarahdukie-I thought Vandy didn't do interviews?
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    Thanks! It was a phone call and I got it at 530 PST which was so weird but I was so happy! They said that you will get a letter by Tuesday the 15 the and it will have all the info about the admitted students day thats on Feb 8th. Its a relief to know I am going somewhere
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    Also I did not get into the waitlisted Dev. Psych class at the CC here, so does anyone a online community college to take Dev Psych at thats cheaper than 1000?
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    Okay, I called Vandy... there are interviews for certain specialties. For midwifery folks, the representative said the faculty just received our applications. We should hear back in a couple weeks and will have interviews probably sometime early February.

    Meep, are you still waiting for other options? Or is Emory a top choice?

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