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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

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    Did anyone go to the Hopkins online chat? Did you learn anything new/cool/informative? I had to work so I missed it.

    Man I would not go to a school that did not guarantee clinical placements.

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    Hi rainkissedleaves,

    I just saw your notes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on UCSF. I applied and would love to go there.

    Did anything else come up that could guide me/us in an interview? I'm curious what to stress or what they are looking for in an interviewee (assuming I'm lucky enough to get an interview).

    BTW, I love you new name.
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    Check your PMs! Thanks, wolf!

    If anyone else would like information-PM me
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    I didn't realize there was an online chat for Hopkins! I wish I had known, I would've loved to go. I'm starting to get VERY nervous, but luckily, I have lots to keep me busy lately so I'm not sitting around thinking about how nervous I am! I can't wait to hear from other places, though. It's also nerve wracking knowing that Hopkins is making their decision about whether I can be a student at their school or not at this time! Ahh! Something that is really fun about the waiting process, though, is apartment searching in prospective areas and doing some weather checking! I've been having a lot of fun with that.

    Speaking of apartment searching... does anyone have any ideas regarding how they're going to move all of their things to a different state? I have bedroom furniture already, so I won't be ordering new furniture to be delivered. And I unfortunately don't have a man in my life to help me, haha. I'm sure my mom and I could figure it out, but it would be difficult. In the past, I've had help but I won't this year. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and a book a Uhaul, though. I know this is a long way off, but if you live in a college town, it's something to start thinking about! A few years ago, my old roommate and I tried to book a Uhaul in March for our move out date in August, which was still a few months later, and they were all booked already! So I guess I better think about all of that... I don't think all of my things will fit in just two cars! And moving out of state means you don't have the luxury of driving back and forth to move things...

    the healer's art, I think it would be very difficult to go to a school that didn't guarantee clinical placements. I would be so stressed about having to find my own and nursing school is stressful enough! I can't imagine having to worry about that on top of everything else.
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    I got an interview from UPenn. Has anybody else heard?
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    Did they email you? I haven't heard anything!
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    Yes, other people have heard, but we think emails are being sent by specialty - what is your hopeful specialty? The people who have heard today are FNP and PNP specialties (not acute or critical care).
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    hollysf, I think we posted at the same time. Is your specialty midwifery? You should probably be hearing next! On the Penn application thread, we think that it's being done by specialty and they're doing the more popular ones first so yours should probably be next.
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    Yes, I applied for midwifery! I hope I hear! *fingers crossed*
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    GK, what specialty are you applying to?

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