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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   salinn
    Christina/kdiem - they are sent out via email if i remember correctly from last year. They will send you an email ahead of times with the specific dates to hold.
  2. by   sarahdukie
    Hi bbcc,

    I am applying to Vandy as well (for PMHNP) and have also been puzzled at the lack of online buzz this year! There is a thread for direct entry--I tried to start a thread for pre-specialty but no one has responded so far. I am applying to Columbia, Vandy and Seattle U. Vanderbilt's program seems so student-focused and supportive, and I love what the faculty have done prior to teaching. Hope we hear more from Vandy applicants!

  3. by   sarahdukie
    Hi Morgan, I got a 5.0 on writing but a low quant score--hoping it will even out =/ when I spoke to admissions at Vandy the first time, they recommended I retake the GRE to get a quant score that met or exceeded 50% percentile, but I did not mention my GPA/analytical score, which are both high. I also did not have time to retake it between prereqs and working full time. The second time I wrote to admissions I explained my situation and "whole package" and the admissions counselor advised I not retake the exam, but focus on prereqs. I hope that helps!
  4. by   morganw1
    Hey Sarah, I ended up not applying. My prereqs were about a 3.2 but my GRE quantitative was too low (according to me that is). And I only got a 3.5 on the writing portion. I under estimated the competitiveness of these programs.So, I think I'm going to retake the GRE after this round of applications( summertime) if I don't get into anywhere Anyone applying to USF CA? Or NYU.
  5. by   hopefulnurse24
    morganw, where did you apply again? I can't remember. Vanderbilt seemed very focused on numbers like GRE and GPA, so I didn't apply either as my math score was very low for the GRE.
  6. by   morganw1
    Hopeful,Penn, Yale, UNC, Columbia for fall and USF CA, NYU for spring. I feel like the GRE hurt my chances more than helped since I didn't have time to take it again. Anyway I got denied at penn and yale. Yale was a tough one because a lot of qualified people got turned down for an interview with greater stats than mine. Even people with 4.0 GPA's
  7. by   bbcc
    Sarah - yes, I hope we hear from more applicants, and also from Vandy! At my info session, I was told my specialty might hold interviews but might not - I don't know if I'd rather get news in January or just wait until March!
  8. by   hi616
    Hey sarahdukie and bbcc,

    I'm applying to Vanderbilt as well. I actually just got back from Nashville yesterday because I visited the school on Tuesday. It was a pretty short information session- about 45 minutes. I've been to info sessions at Rush, UIC, and DePaul, and this one was probably the most lackluster. The nice part was that there were only two other people in the session. However, the admissions person basically just went over the application process, and having already applied some of the information was a little too late for me. The main thing I took away was that any interviews not for PMHNP are for applicants that the admissions board looks at and have more questions about. In other words, it’s not that they decide when they are going through applications that they will schedule interviews for ALL FNP students; some have interviews and get accepted, some don’t and get accepted. We also got a tour of the facilities which seemed nice. The nursing facilities are in the heart of the campus, and Nashville is awesome so that's a plus. Unfortunately, I got rejected to Yale on Friday, so that has been making me doubt my competitiveness for any program.

    As for GRE scores, mine aren't the best either. 65% for qualitative, 48% for quantitative and 96% for writing. When I took the GRE, I was planning on only applying to DePaul, Rush, UIC, and Yale (I'm from Chicago and was planning on staying here, Yale was just for kicks.) DePaul and Rush don’t require the GRE if you have over a 3.25 GPA, and UIC just announced they are waiving for a 3.25 GPA as well. At this point I’m beginning to think that I’ll be staying in Chicago because I’m not competitive enough for Vandy and BC. I’m doing my undergrad at DePaul so it’s probably my best shot, but I would just be finishing with my RN, not NP. The only thing in my favor at Vanderbilt is that I applied as a distance student for the second year at Vandy, which seems like it can increase your chances but I’m not positive on that. I'm really hoping they are true when they say they look at the whole package. I'm confident in my GPA, personal statement, and letters of rec, but I'm lacking in the GRE and healthcare experience.

    Good luck to you!
  9. by   bbcc
    hi616 - we might be the same person I'm also in Chicago now and am applying/applied to Yale (no interview), Vandy, and UIC. Rush and DePaul don't offer CNM, which is why I'm not applying there.

    And doing distance definitely seems to increase your chances, from what I understand at my info session. She said for many of the specialties, twice as many can be admitted for distance than in Nashville, so if you have flexibility, indicate that! CNM doesn't have the distance option (I would have taken it since I want to move near Lexington, KY) unfortunately.
  10. by   sarahdukie
    Thanks for the info, Hi!

    Sorry to hear about Yale, but I wouldn't be discouraged about Vandy--from what admissions told me your scores are average for those admitted to the pre-specialty program. What is your focus? I believe FNP is the most competative--did they say anything at the info session about how may apply/are accepted for PMHNP? What impression did they give you on the weight of GRE scores?

    You could also always get an RN or BSN and then apply to Vandy for MSN--you'd save a ton! Accelerated RN programs are insanely competative in the Seattle area (1/13 accepted, 4.0 GPAs, 96% TEAS) or I have might considered that route.

    Good luck!
  11. by   hopefulnurse24
    morganw, are you from North Carolina? I'm just being nosy since you said you were applying to UNC. Thomas Jefferson, a school located in Philadelphia, also has a March 1 deadline. They are limited in the specialties they offer, though. They have an awesome hospital affiliated with the school, too (Thomas Jefferson Hospital). Johns Hopkins also has a January 15th deadline, so you could still apply if you were very quick at writing the essays!
  12. by   sarahdukie
    Hi Hopeful!

    Good to know about USA! I looked at their website though, and it said that for the BSN/MSN program, students must complete 2 years of clinical experience before they can begin to take specialty NP courses? Or students can go direct into MSN in nurse leadership or public health nursing...

    I saw you applied to Duke--I got a Master of Divinity there in 2007 and LOVED my 3 years there--would be happy to answer any questions you might have about Duke/Durham in general!
  13. by   morganw1
    No, I'm not. I know they give preference to residents but I'm giving it a shot anyway. They accept a fair amount for the absn. They also had budget cuts and I figured being from out of state willing to pay out of state tuition wouldn't hurt my odds. I'll look in to Thomas Jefferson and I don't think I'm competitive enough for johns.