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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    meep, I had no idea Boston College was so much less than other programs. That program was originally on my list but didn't make the final cut because I spoke to them on the phone regarding GRE scores and was shocked at how high the average was... kind of crazy. 30-40 people is a very small amount! Thank you for the information. I didn't know that about Northeastern either, I thought they had a lot of the same hospitals for clinicals... maybe that's for the masters portion?

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    Supposeably at northeastern you have to find your own clinical placements, meaning its your responsibility to contact the hospital and get a clinical preceptor.. at BC and most programs they place you at a hospital and with a clinical preceptor, she said its def a good question to ask at an interview .. this is what they told me idk if I'm its def true bc as of now I am not applying to northeastern so I know nothing about the program
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    Wow BC sounds very difficult to get in with those stats. Great But true, I am worried about these programs that do not grant BSN degrees. I know that'll just mean it'll be harder to find a job as a floor nurse, but my ultimate goal is to acheive the master's portion to become an advanced practice nurse. Meh! Can't wait to hear back from Penn already...
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    It really does, but how amazing would it to be done in 21 months and they also said that all of their grass get job within 6months of graduating not necessarily in the new England area but throughout the us. What's ur speciality?? For fnp I know working as a RN is not super important.. so I would def consider this program if my application doesn't get thrown away lol
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    Those are pretty crazy GRE averages... I have heard really great things about the program and it is my first choice, so hopefully they'll look at our whole applications!
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    JP999 I'm right there with you! What have you heard about the mghihp program? I think that's my second choice after BC!
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    At Northeastern you don't have to find your clinicals... that's only true of the Online program! At least from what I've understood about it
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    Not being granted a BSN degree worries me slightly as well. I guess for schools that do not grant a BSN degree, it is important to find out what their job placement rate is like (BC, Northeastern, Marquette, etc).

    I had no idea about Northeastern, I just figured they placed you because they have a list of clinical placements on their website. That is definitely something I'll have to look into.
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    Does anybody know what the averages (GPA,GRE) were for most of these schools last year (BC, Yale, Columbia, Simmons, MGH, Northeastern, UPenn, etc)?
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    Hopefulnurse24, Northeastern does offer a BSN. You work as a BSN for 6-9 months and then get your MSN. And from what I understand they do arrange your clinicals but they don't help you find a job when you're working in the 6-9 months portion
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