CSULB EL-MSN Fall 2009--any applicants/ current students?

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    Hi, everyone! I am getting ready to submit my application to CSULB's EL-MSN program--who else is applying?

    Also are there any current students or graduates from this program out there? What do you think of the program--can you offer any advice?


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    I am planning on applying there also, but am unsure of a few things regarding prereqs. When I had talked to them previously, they were very specific on which courses they wanted from your undergraduate school and if it did not match, then they wanted syllabi. Do you know if it matters whether or not you verify your courses before you actually apply?

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    I don't know, but I figure that it can't hurt. I was unsure about the Chemistry class that I was going to take last summer, so I called and asked. She was able to tell me over the phone which classes she would accept. I took most of the prereqs at a community college, so I was able to check for equivalency on assist.org. If you're worried about it, just call Monalisa Ward or email her and include the catalog description of the class(es) in question. I did that this morning and she responded a few hours later.

    I think that since you still have time before the deadline that it makes more sense to be sure before submitting it.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks a lot! Will do!
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    Hi, I am also applying to the EL MSN program! I just have to take the TEAS test first, which I am taking on April 1st. Have you applied already? And how was the TEAS? I have been studying for it for a few weeks but I'm so nervous because I know your test score is a big part of your application. Where did you get your bachelor's degree from?
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    Hi!! I already submitted my application last week. I was really sick when I took the TEAS assesment the first time in January, so I took it again to get a better score. I studied using the ATI study guide and also one I found online (to have more math problems to practice). Make sure you review forces from physics--the study guide doesn't cover them, but I had a few questions on my test...good luck!!

    I have a BA from UCLA, what about you?
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    does anyone know what tracks they have to offer? I wasn't able to go to their information session. Thanks!
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    Quote from shoppingbigtime
    does anyone know what tracks they have to offer? I wasn't able to go to their information session. Thanks!
    This program is to become a clinical nurse specialist with a BSN and MSN. At the info session, they mentioned that as CSULB grad students, we'd be able to transition into the post-master's specialties without having to reapply. You can look up these specialties on their website (Adult/Geriatric, Family, Pediatric and Psych):

    They also offer Women's Health NP-MSN, but I don't know if it's offered as a post-master's certificate. In any case, it would probably be best to just call/email Monalisa Ward directly. I've called a few times and she's cleared a few things up for me. You can also email her. At the info session, she requested that when emailing her questions, we list the questions separately:
    1) How...?

    2) Why...?

    etc. to make it easier for her to reply to your questions (since she gets so many emails). She took a few hours to respond to the last email that I sent, but she did respond the same day.

    I hope that helps!
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    hi, this is an odd question, but do we have to include a fee payment for the nursing department application? I know that it says that the CSUMentor.edu application is $55 (due Nov. 30), but I don't see anything for this application due on the 15th. Thanks!
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    I don't think there's an additional fee.

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