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Hi everyone! I'm currently on my journey to applying to CSUFullerton's ELMSN program for 2012. Has anyone taken the TEAS yet? Have you already attended their info session? I was taking prereqs for a good year or so after I... Read More

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    Hi guys! On the acceptance email, it said that we had to let them know by April 30th and if we do not, the spot will go to someone on the alternate list. So I'm sure as it gets closer to that date, you guys will hear back. Until then, good luck!!!

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    Thank you hmpark for the info and congrats to you again!
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    Hang in there and don't lose hope

    I was lucky to get offered admission but I have decided to accept an Accelerated BSN place instead - CSUF has a great reputation and I loved the faculty there.

    So hang in there - one more space has opened up now so someone will be getting good news soon

    Good luck everyone!
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    Since my commute is a little far, I am looking for an apartment around the CSUF and was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing an apartment? So far the price ranges from $650-800 per person, for a 2 bedroom apartment.
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    For those of you that have accepted your acceptance. Has there been anymore correspondance from the nursing department or the school itself? When are we supposed to get our official acceptance letters from the school? I'm just getting paranoid because nothing "official" is happening. I check my titan online almost everyday.

    I also have another question, when you click on the student center at the bottom it has an area for "application status" and when you click on that it gives you an option of "accept/decline" "waitlist option," do we have to click any of those? Just wondering..Thank you!
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    I received an official acceptance letter along with a checklist, if any paperwork was needed from you, from the university about two weeks ago. You should receive a letter or email Stephanie.
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    @hkwak002 - yeah, you should've received an official acceptance letter in the mail. Also, check your titan email frequently, because Stephanie has been sending out medical forms, CPR information and other things we need.
    I didn't do anything with the "application status."
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    Has anyone received any financial aid info?
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    Hi guys,

    When you graduate from this program, CSUF EL-MSN, do you end up as a generalist MSN or is there a specialty to it? Or is this a Clinical nurse leader program?

    thank you.
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    For those of you that applied to EL-MSN programs, did you also apply to ABSN programs? What specialties do you want to go in to? I'm only thinking of ABSN programs, because I don't think it would increase my chances of getting a job after graduation with the EL-MSN degree without any experience. What made you choose the EL-MSN over ABSN? Also what were your undergrad degrees in?

    Sorry for the laundry list of questions!

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