CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012 - page 6

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Hi everyone! I'm currently on my journey to applying to CSUFullerton's ELMSN program for 2012. Has anyone taken the TEAS yet? Have you already attended their info session? I was taking prereqs for a good year or so after I... Read More

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    Ughhh the suspense is killing me! lol Thank you for letting me know hmpark!!
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    Did they tell you how many students they're admitting this year?
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    @DewWst - tell me about it! I feel bad for those of you who had the earlier interview last month..waiting for a month for the results would kill me! But we'll find out soon enough

    @susan007 - i think i heard 30, but of course with the budget cuts, it could be less...i did hear that a couple people have already "declined" because they already accepted offers to other schools. And at least in my interview, 1 person didnt show up at all. So better chances for all of us!
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    I GOT IN!!!! Sorry for caps

    I can't believe it and I hope they didn't make a mistake...:uhoh21:
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    Just received an acceptance email!!!! I'm in shock!!
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    congrats Alicekat!!

    Which interview session were you in? I was in the most recent one, April 12th from 1230-4. I didn't have to wait that long to find out, whew!
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    I was in the group before yours 8:30-12pm. I'm so glad the wait wasn't too long and I'm still in shock. After the first few rejections I was thinking I wasn't going to get into any program...

    But that doesn't matter now! Whoo!
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    I am in too! I interviewed March 22. This is so exciting
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    I got in too!! i interviewed on April 12 in the am
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    Congratulations to everyone who was accepted into the program!! I interviewed in the a.m on March 22nd and have not received an e-mail yet. I guess that means I didn't make it in . Has anyone heard of anyone being told they are an alternate? That is my only hope......