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Columbia University MSN Grad Program

  1. 0 Hi everyone,
    I have been reading a lot of the posts regarding the ETP program at Columbia in NYC but there does not seem to be much about the MSN program for RN's that already have a BSN. Can anyone elaborate on this program? How difficult it is to get in? My stats are: GPA 3.9 Pre-req's and 3.4 nursing GRE 161/154. I am currently finishing up my application for the MSN program and am really hoping for a spot but from what I have been reading the number of applicants has been on the rise. Anyone else wrapping up their application before the Jan 15th deadline for the MSN program?
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    Bump.. Anyone applying to the MSN FNP or ACNP?
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    i applied to Adult NP program... but havent heard anything from them. have they started sending out acceptance letters already. I know they have from ETP program...???
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    Still no word yet. This wait period is driving me crazy. I really hope they release decisions this week. I tried to get more info about the admissions rates, number of applicants etc but they seem hard to find. Does anyone know what the admissions rates are?
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    I heard that acceptance rate is pretty high for direct entry masters program for nursing.. hope its true.. me too i cant wait any longer. its driving me crazy. i thought they would let us know by the end of FEB. fingers crossed.
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    yeee... i got accepted to adult NP program. got my letter yesterday.. did u hear anything? wish u all the best.
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    Yes! I'm in! Going for sure. I just hope I can get a room in the med dorms because rent in NYC is super expensive, the dorms are like $900. Soooooooo Excited! Now to figure out financial aid...
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    got in! put deposit down but haven't heard anything...
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    that is awesome. congrats to all you guys! i think Columbia is pretty much my dream school. Do you mind if I ask you what you think of my chances of having a shot at being accepted? I have a 3.55 GPA from my BSN and by the time I'd apply and start probably about 2+ years of experience on a med surg floor. I haven't taken my gre yet but of course hope to do as good as you. Which track are you guys doing? Any advice? Sorry if this is a lot..but just looking for any tips.

    Congrats once again! I would be so excited! Good luck to you all!
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    Hey there NJ,
    Columbia was also my dream school and now that I am here I am glad I chose it over NYU. Although the area is not as great as NYU, the professors seem interested and the class load is manageable. The summer and fall are considered the lightest in terms of credits and the spring is supposed to be very intense. I think you can get in with your GPA, just have a good essay and good letters. I will say that I was a bit surprised that there are almost no 'masters only' students here. Most students (about 130+) are ETP non-nursing majors and only about 50-60 incoming students are masters only. Good luck
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    Thank you for getting back socialjustice. I'm surprised there are so many ETP students.

    Which specialty are you doing?
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    Joining thread. Columbia is my only choice for the MSN, whenever I decide to pursue it. How is the program so far, for those of you in it already? Can one still work as an RN as a student?
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    I'm looking for in-person NP programs - is Columbia fully in person and provides clinical placements? Anyone have any experience with the Psych track, and any thoughts on it?