Columbia University DNP 2016

  1. Is anyone else out there considering applying for Columbia University's DNP? Looking for possible future classmates! :-)
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  3. by   BrownBoiRN
    Yes, I applied for the Post-Bac DNP Family Nurse Practitioner track for the Fall of 2015.
  4. by   FutureNurse42
    I'm interested in applying in 2017. I am still doing my BSN. Can I ask you all for advice as to how to strengthen my application? You, of course, are my peers so, any advice you can provide me with will be wonderful. I am interested in going into the DNP FNP program after I finish my BSN. Since I won't have any actual work experience, I am trying to do other side projects stand out a little more.
  5. by   WolverineRN
    Are you still applying for 2017? I'm applying.
  6. by   briana_rn
    Yes, I am!!! I applied BS-DNP for fall 2017. Still an undergrad and haven't heard anything back. So nervous
  7. by   WolverineRN
    I know, me too. Did you apply anywhere else?
  8. by   briana_rn
    No I didn't. Did you hear back? I just got an email last week saying I am being reviewed currently by the admission committee
  9. by   WolverineRN
    Yeah, I just got an email 3 days ago saying the same thing. Keep me posted. Have you applied anywhere else?
  10. by   imanurseintheor
    Do you know the admissions deadline? I can't find it anywhere on the website.
  11. by   WolverineRN
    Do you mean Application deadline? It was October. If you've already been accepted it was in your letter. I was just accepted and my deadline to accept admission is April.
  12. by   semonp
    What do you guys think is a good enough GPA to get int the BSN to DNP program?