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Hi, I plan on applying for the anesthesia program at Columbia and I wanted to know how the background of those that have been accepted look like to see if I'm even competitive enough apply. Thanks!... Read More

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    In response to gabriela121...for summer you have 1 day of clinical at the hospital, 1 day of lab, and then classes on the other 3 days. You are essentially in class all day, although for us one day started later, and one day ended around noon. You are constantly studying just due to the fact that summer is so short. It is not too hard, but it is busy. Part of the hard part is by the time you get organized and have a schedule, it is almost over. Overall it is not too bad, but you do not have a lot of extra free time. For clinical you have one day on a med surge floor, I think it was 7 or 7:30 am till about 3. In the summer it is mainly bed baths and stuff like that.

    I already sort of addressed this above, but it has not been helpful in my RN job search to have a degree from Columbia. It is helpful to have a BSN. Nursing is not like business or law school, where the reputation of the institution affects your job prospects. Columbia is more oriented to academic nursing and primary care NP, the big concern at most hospitals for an initial new grad is more related to clinical experience. Basically, when it comes to hospital nursing jobs, the playing field is even with other BSN programs. It is a tough market, Columbia is neither a bonus nor a detriment from what I have found in my experience at the hositals.

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    I just joined this site. I'm gonnna have to read through this thread, as I was thinking of applying for 2013. But, wow... 63 pages in this thread! yikes.
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    I am applying for 2013 too. I wonder if it is too early to start a 2013 app thread?
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    Sfrntobe, what do you mean when you say CU is more academically based? Don't they have 300 more clinical hours than the state minimum? I thought their clinicals had an amazing reputation, but I could be wrong? Thanks!
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    I will start a thread - I am applying for 2013, also!
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    Hello to all,

    I am applying for Spring 2013. I was interested in getting some feedback regarding competitiveness.
    A quick sketch of my application profile is the following: straight A's in pre-req's, 3.4 undergrad GPA, Critical Care EMT (also ER TECH) a wealth of international experience including work and travel, trilingual (I am interested in exploring the role of Nurse Practitioners in Epidemiology and Public Health Practice with a concentration in Adult Health), strong recomendations and that is approximately where I stand as of right now. Due to take the GRE's at the end of August.

    Thanks so much guys!

    Best of luck to all

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    Hi jsholle,

    I just started this summer and our ETP class just wrapped up our first semester of the year. "Boot Camp" was crazy to say the least but we survived I think my best advice to you is to really focus on your personal statement. From what we were told during orientation, the faculty and admissions team read your personal statement first above anything else. As this is your first impression, having an articulated statement will make you rise above other candidates. I think you have extremely competitive stats. As long as you can convey how your background has prepared you to successfully change careers to nursing, you have a fair shot. I had extremely low stats compared to my peers (or so it seems) and I still was able to make the cut. I have no doubt my statement and recommendations helped to make me a unique candidate.

    For those who are interested in stats:
    Undergrad GPA: 3.0
    Pre-reqs: 4.0
    Volunteer Hours: ~800 hours? Over the course of 3 years. Completed in several units and community clinics.
    GRE: V 420 M 660 (not sure how this would translate to the new GRE format)
    Language: English speaking only

    Know that students in this program come from all kinds of backgrounds. From Suma Cum Laude in Physiology to individuals who have worked in Finance for years to EMT's to students who have had their own business as a Doula and even students who were working at a desk job in a company that did not have anything to do with what their heart was set on. What we all seem to have in common is the drive and motivation to excel in our new found passion - Nursing.

    Best of luck to you as you begin to think about the application process. I know it was grueling last year while I was going through it. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    I was just accepted into the 2013 program. I just wanted to get a sense of what your daily schedule is like. Do you have class everyday? Is there a time for vacation? Also how is housing treating you? Thank you in advance for your help.

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