Capstone- Help please!!!!

  1. I'm in the MSN-Education program at WGU. I'm entering my last term on July 1st, this will be the term I complete my capstone research project. For most students the research is conducted at their present place of employment to make things simpler, however I'm currently unemployed after moving back to Ohio a few months ago. So here's my mentor has suggested that I conduct my research online asking nurses to fill out a simple survey, but before I can start that process I would need written formal permission from the site owner so that I may post a request for nurses to participate in my project. The written approval has to be in a formal letter because it will take the place of IRB approval that other students will be required to obtain. I have sent out several emails with very little feedback. I got one response and that person didn't feel comfortable sending me a formal letter giving me permission. Any ideas as to how I can go about this? I'm starting to get a little nervous as to whether or not I'll be able to actually start my capstone at this point. Any help you guys can give me will be appreciated.
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  3. by   jennyrn2012
    Can you give me more information about what would be done if you worked in a facility?? I am an ADON and would love to help you if I can... You could use my facility and go through me if you'd like...presuming it would work out!
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    I'm looking to have nurses participate in a survey answering questions in hopes of gaining insight in how nurses cope with job related stress.