Azusa Pacific University ELM- Fall 2018

  1. Hello, this is a little bit early, but I will be applying for APU fall 2018! Wondering if anyone else here is!!
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  3. by   doctav
    Hi ! I'm currently in the process of applying to main campus in Azusa. Hows everything with your application going so far?
  4. by   doctav
    Hi ! I'm currently in the process of applying to main campus in Azusa. Hows everything with your application going so far?
  5. by   NursingSanDiego
    Hi @doctav! There is a more lively forum for APU here: APU ELM Fall 2018
  6. by   Soma122
    Hello everyone!!!
    I applied for the ELM Fall 2018 program just a few days before the deadline. I am very excited and nervous! I look forward to hearing more from all of you.
  7. by   irockwell76
    I just received my letter today, 'DENIED' Admission'.
    I applied for Azusa Pacific University Entry Level Masters' in nursing (ELM) program for FALL 2018 cohort, requesting San Diego regional campus only.
    I graduated with a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College in October 2017, with an overall 3.5 GPA.
    I graduated from Southwestern College in May of 2017 with an Associates of Arts Degree in : Allied Health
    Science prerequisites were: CHEM 100: 'A', CHEM Organic: 'A', Microbiology: 'B', Psychology: 'B', Sociology: 'A', Anatomy Phys I: 'C', Anatomy Phys II: 'B'.
    Non Science prerequisites were: Lifespan Growth Development: 'A', Statistics: 'B', Oral Communication: 'A'.
    I had not yet completed a 'Research Methods in Psych/Sociology' course.
    At Southwestern College, I was a member of Psi Theta Kappa honor society. My GPA for my AA in Allied Health from Southwestern College was 3.78
    At the time that I submitted my application I was enrolled in a CNA program. I just graduated from my CNA course with an 'A' on December 14th.
    I really was not expecting to be DENIED admission to APU ELM. I am really surprised. I also applied to USD's MEPN. I will be retaking 'Anatomy & Physiology I' via Excelsior Colleges' BIOX 104 Exam for credit to hopefully earn at least a 'B' this time around.
    All my college credits were earned while working full-time as a US Navy Enlisted Sailor.
    My plans are to attend nursing school full-time immediately following retiring from the Navy in August of 2018, with over 21 years of Military Service including 5 years as an active duty US Marine.
    I guess I better get started on plan C, apply to Cal State San Marcos: 2nd Degree Accelerated Bachelor's and plan D, apply to National University's BSN program.
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  8. by   lapowers
    I'm sorry to heard that. Did you go in for an interview?