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Azusa - ELM Spring 2013

  1. 0 Hi! Has anyone heard from Azusa Pacific University (main campus)? I was recently admitted to their new Spring 2013 cohort that begins in January and just wanted to see if anyone else as accepted...
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    When did you apply?
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    I applied for Fall 2013. So, the deadline was November 1.
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    Congrats! I thought applicants wouldn't hear until next year. May I ask what your science GPA was?
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    those who are accepted for spring 2013, their all prereqs were done before application?
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    Thanks lilyr! I am barely making the 3.0 GPA minimum. It would be higher, but physiology is kicking my booty this semester.
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    I was a bit confused with this requirement; would they still consider you for admission if your four science classes accumulate to below a 3.0? (if undergrad was at least a 3.0 though), and are you assuming your GPA then since you're not done with physio?
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    Yes, I am assuming my grade since I have 2 weeks of physio left. I will be making the required GPA and course requirement.

    Online it says:
    Prior to applying, applicants must have completed 12 units of the science prerequisites with a 3.0 (B) average, and 12 units of the nonscience prerequisites.

    When I applied, my science GPA was above a 3.0.
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    I didn't mean to direct the question as if those were going to be your stats, I realize I may have offended you. Sorry! I was just wondering in general but thanks! I just figured since you've been accepted I would go off of what you already know.
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    @katy did you apply for the np program or the cns program?
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    Hello, I just applied to APU and was curious how long it took you to hear about your acceptance? The cutoff isn't until March so I'm afraid I have a while to wait
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    Wow I'm so glad this is here... I'm still waiting for any reply from APU, but I'm extremely nervous because I did get a C in anatomy... I'm worried that's really going to penalize me... or that it might a deciding factor!! >.<
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    When did you apply?